Thursday, 10 November 2016

Vincent Longo Cosmetics

A while ago I was invited to the UK launch of Vincent Longo Cosmetics. As I'm always so excited to discover a new brand, I couldn't wait and I wanted to share their amazing range with you.

The Vincent Longo range is all about texture. Especially with the foundation and blusher, I haven't felt a texture like it before! A bit bouncy and jelly-like, the 'Water Canvas' range goes from cream to powder for the most natural result.

The Water Canvas Base is the most silky primer with 81% microwater to deeply hydrate, as well as Seaweed Extract and Liquorice Root to nourish the skin further. It is £33.50.

Next, here is the Creme-to-Powder Foundation (£43.50) which is 75% microwater. It is so light but you can build it up to the level of coverage you need. I'm the palest shade (Porcelain) as always, but they have 10 shades to hopefully cover the majority of skin tones. As I said before, the texture is quite bouncy but it is also quite cool (I think because of the water) which means it feels really refreshing on the skin, especially great in the mornings.

I've also got a Water Canvas Blusher here in Swan Lake which is a very pretty, subtle pink. It is the same texture as the foundation and £33.50. 

Next we have the Vincent Longo 'OMG how pretty' eyeshadows! I have Gypsy Rose here but there are four other shades. The different colours and textures come together to give the prettiest colours. This one comes out very rose gold which is stunning. They are £19 each. 

Finally, there is the Lip and Cheek Gel Stain. You've got to love a multi-tasker! For cheeks and lips, this stain is a subtle pinky-red and really does stay put even after a few cups of tea! Here is Baby Boo; also in the range is Liquid Kiss and My Sunshine and they are £18.50 each.

Overall I have to say that Vincent Longo is one of the most exciting launches of the year so far. Gorgeous, quality make-up and the texture is unreal. Unfortunately I can't get that across in a blog post so you'll have to get some and try it for yourself! Exclusive to Cult Beauty


*PR samples

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