Friday, 25 November 2016

Mii Couture Eye Colour

Mii is a brand I'm not all that familiar with. They say that they are all about wearable, beautiful make-up at affordable prices. I can get on board with that! My first dip into the Mii pond is this eyeshadow palette...

This is the 'baroque' four shadow palette which is only £22.95.

From left to right the shades are called Chantilly, Chiffon, Damask and Baroque. Here they are swatched:

As you can see Chantilly is very hard to even make out, but it works as a beautiful base to even out your skin tone, or as a subtle highlighter. The next two, Chiffon and Damask, are beautiful nude/pinks. The problem with wearable shades is they are classic rather than wow. However, Baroque really is the star here:

Pictures don't really do it justice. Baroque has a kind of foil texture that blends to a very creamy sparkle. You only need a little bit and if you got a tiny brush and wet it, this would make a gorgeous eyeliner, especially for the Christmas party when you can go all-out with sparkle!

Mii Cosmetics have really impressed me. Check out this palette and the rest of the extensive range here.


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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Little Box November 2016

As the nights get longer and the days colder, thoughts turn more to cosy beds and lots of sleep! This is the theme of this month's My Little Box.

So what do you need for the best night's sleep? An eye mask of course!

It's not as wide as my Holistic Silk eye mask which really does cut out all light, but this would definitely work this time of year when the mornings are hardly bright!

Next there is the cutest little moon dish, perfect for jewellery, change, etc.

Finally, let's check out the beauty part of this month's box...

My Little Box have provided their own My Little Beauty Make-Up Remover Jelly. The texture of this is interesting - really light and not greasy at all. I'm looking forward to trying this more.

Then we have a sample of the Yves Rocher Secret D'Essences Accord Chic perfume. It is very musky and sexy so perhaps for when you're not sleeping in bed ;)

Finally, we have a true multi-tasker from Garnier. Their PureActive 3 in 1 is a wash, scrub and mask in one depending on how you use it and leave it on for. I haven't tried this yet but it promises you waking up to beautiful skin so I'll report back soon!

Looking forward to the next one - hopefully something Christmassy for December!


Friday, 18 November 2016

DHC Beauty Bento!

I'm a big fan of DHC and the Japanese brand has created a gorgeous bento box of four of their products. Perfect as a way to try the brand or as a lovely Christmas present.

Inside there is a mini Deep Cleansing Oil (one of my favourite products ever), a mini Mild Soap, Revitalising Moisture Strips for Eyes and Blotting Paper.

The Oil Blotting Paper contains 100 all-natural hemp fibres. I have dry skin but I know many friends and family with oily skin who would love these. 

DHC recommend using their Deep Cleansing Oil and Mild Soap as a double cleanse method. I'm a big advocate of cleansing but also a little lazy so rarely double cleanse. Also, the Deep Cleansing Oil is incredibly good on it's own. But I'll give it a go. Use the oil with dry skin first, rinse then lather up with the soap. 

The most exciting product here which I haven't tried before are the Revitalising Moisture Strips for Eyes. They are soft, jelly-like masks which you leave on for about 20 minutes to give the delicate under-eye skin some TLC.

This DHC Beauty Bento Box is only £13 - a great treat for you or a loved one. Check it out here.


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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Stila Bright and Bold Liquid Lipstick Set

Now this is pretty! One of many Stila Christmas sets, this Bright and Bold set contains three punchy lip stains.

Here from left to right, the shades are Lume, Viola and Beso. And here are the swatches...

(Ignore the smudge on the red shade!) You can see just how pigmented these liquid lipsticks are - wow! Lume is a deep fuchsia shade, whilst Viola is a lavender shade which is actually limited edition. Beso is a classic red that will suit everyone.

A gorgeous gift for a lip lover this Christmas, and only £18 - you can get it from BeautyBay.


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Monday, 14 November 2016

New AW16 Smith & Cult Launches

Smith & Cult could be the most beautiful brand out there! Absolutely stunning, but the products are very much substance and style.

They have only been around about a year so still really new to the UK, and very much thought of as a nail polish brand. They brought out some lip products earlier this year, and now they are extending even further with some beautiful eye products.

First, here is one of four new Book of Eyes eyeshadow palettes. This one is called Soft Shock for a smokey eye look. 

Really creamy textures, you can wet the brush to get an even more dramatic effect. I'm so glad the palette includes a brush. You may use another one, but it's always good to have the option, and if you wanted to give this as a gift, having a brush there means it's the whole package. Here are the eyeshadows with a dry brush:

You can see the top eyeshadow, the one on the top left in the palette, isn't very noticeable - more of a subtle highlight or to even out your skin tone on your eye as a base. The others are really beautiful, especially the full-on silver foil glitter - stunning for this time of year when you can go crazy with some sparkle! The new eyeshadow palettes are £34. 

Also in the new eye range is their Lash Dance Mascara.

Lengthening and thickening, it has a specially designed silicone brush to deliver maximum impact on every lash. It only comes in one shade - Velvet Black. I don't know about you but I only want black mascara! It is £24. There is one other product in the new eye range which is a liquid eyeliner for £21.

There are two new lip stains for November from Smith & Cult. One of called Kissing Tiny Flowers which is such a beautiful name! It looks like a caramel nude. Whilst here I have Mad Heat, a deep crimson.

It is a bold and matte look, but creamy rather than drying. I need to try this out properly and test it against multiple cups of tea, so I shall report back. The new Smith & Cult lip stains are £24 each.

Finally, we come back to Smith & Cult's initial range, the nail polishes. There are two new polishes for AW16 - 1972, which is a stunning rose gold and Darjeeling Darling, a forest green. Plus they have launched a matte top coat. I have Darjeeling Darling but I am definitely getting 1972 as well - like most people, I adore anything rose gold!!

So there you have it - new Smith & Cult launches for this season, and everything is absolutely beautiful. The packaging is amazing, but the brand is so much more than just looking good. You can find all these new launches, plus the existing range, at SpaceNK, Cult Beauty and Net a Porter. 


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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Vincent Longo Cosmetics

A while ago I was invited to the UK launch of Vincent Longo Cosmetics. As I'm always so excited to discover a new brand, I couldn't wait and I wanted to share their amazing range with you.

The Vincent Longo range is all about texture. Especially with the foundation and blusher, I haven't felt a texture like it before! A bit bouncy and jelly-like, the 'Water Canvas' range goes from cream to powder for the most natural result.

The Water Canvas Base is the most silky primer with 81% microwater to deeply hydrate, as well as Seaweed Extract and Liquorice Root to nourish the skin further. It is £33.50.

Next, here is the Creme-to-Powder Foundation (£43.50) which is 75% microwater. It is so light but you can build it up to the level of coverage you need. I'm the palest shade (Porcelain) as always, but they have 10 shades to hopefully cover the majority of skin tones. As I said before, the texture is quite bouncy but it is also quite cool (I think because of the water) which means it feels really refreshing on the skin, especially great in the mornings.

I've also got a Water Canvas Blusher here in Swan Lake which is a very pretty, subtle pink. It is the same texture as the foundation and £33.50. 

Next we have the Vincent Longo 'OMG how pretty' eyeshadows! I have Gypsy Rose here but there are four other shades. The different colours and textures come together to give the prettiest colours. This one comes out very rose gold which is stunning. They are £19 each. 

Finally, there is the Lip and Cheek Gel Stain. You've got to love a multi-tasker! For cheeks and lips, this stain is a subtle pinky-red and really does stay put even after a few cups of tea! Here is Baby Boo; also in the range is Liquid Kiss and My Sunshine and they are £18.50 each.

Overall I have to say that Vincent Longo is one of the most exciting launches of the year so far. Gorgeous, quality make-up and the texture is unreal. Unfortunately I can't get that across in a blog post so you'll have to get some and try it for yourself! Exclusive to Cult Beauty


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Monday, 7 November 2016

LookFantastic #LFSparkle Box

This month's LookFantastic beauty box is a gem! Just take a look...

Let's go through it!

This looks really interesting. The Bloom & Blossom Revitalising Leg & Foot Spray has aloe vera and tangerine leaf oil to refresh legs and feet. It can be used over tights so if your legs feel a bit tired or hot give them a quick spritz with this. 

The Monu Skin Soothing Touch Recovery Balm is perfect for right now as the temperature drops. My skin is quite sensitive and really doesn't like the cold, wind and rain so I'm going to pop a bit of this on, especially on my cheeks, which can get fairly red and sore, to protect them. 

This might be the most exciting part of the box - a Model Co. Cheek Powder. I've got Peach Bellini here and I think it might just be the prettiest blusher EVER. No glitter, just the most beautiful peachy shimmer - divine!

There is also a lovely L'Oreal Mythic Oil for your hair, in the perfect travel size to make sure your hair is healthy and, important for me, frizz-free. 

Also for your hair is this Sebastian Volupt Spray - I can always do with more volume in my hair so definitely using this baby. 

In keeping with the sparkle theme, inside the box you also get a super sparkly nail file. Finally (this box is jam-packed!), there is a Look Good Feel Better Angled Blending make-up brush. 

This #LFSparkle box is a perfect balance of skincare, haircare and make-up. Get subscribing now


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