Tuesday, 13 September 2016

SpaceNK Goodies

I recently took a trip to SpaceNK and couldn't resist getting a couple of things.

To be honest, I went with the purpose of getting the new Sarah Chapman Skinesis Lash Boosting Eye Cleanse. An eye make-up remover as well as a lash and brow booster. I've noticed recently that my lashes are a bit more sparse (damn turning 30!) so really wanted to give this a go. Plus my brows can do with all the help possible as they are so fine (damn over-plucking in my teens!).

It smells beautiful - a fresh scent of rose and cucumber. If you want to use it as a treatment, put the liquid onto pads and lie back for 10 minutes. It contains Arnica, Aloe Vera and an anti-glycation complex called Beautifeye to left eyelids and reduce dark circles. Another complex called Capixyl conditions lashes and brows.

I love the design of this. Rather than pouring it onto pads where you might put way too much on and waste some, it has a pump action to slowly dampen cotton wool pads. It feels really lovely and soothing. I can't say if it really reduces dark circles or boosts lashes yet as I've only used it a couple of times, but I've heard such good things are Skinesis products that I'm very hopeful.

I was also in the market for a new concealer. I love that you can trust the SpaceNK staff to be informed and give you great recommendations. For me, they suggested Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer. I've used Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser previously and loved it so I'm giving it a go. They matched me and, of course, I'm the palest! This is the 0.5 shade. Please forgive that I've already tried it before photographing - I couldn't help myself.

I can't wait to try both of these goodies further!


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