Tuesday, 27 September 2016

NEW Roger & Gallet Le Soin Aura Mirabilis

I had no idea about the history of the skincare brand, Roger & Gallet. At the heart of this new range, is the 'aqua mirabilis' a powerful natural concoction used by monks 300 years ago. There are 18 plants within this including Lavender, Thyme, Lemongrass and Bergamot, which gives you an idea of its deeply natural, botanical properties and why it could be so good for this skin.

There are four new products - the Extra Fine Cleansing Mask (£15), Beauty Vinegar (£15), Double Extract (£40) and Legendary Cream (£32), all containing the aqua mirabilis. I have the first two here:

When I was at the launch event, it was the Beauty Vinegar that got the most attention, simply because of the name - it's very intriguing. If you were to liken it to something, it is probably the most similar to a toner. It smells gorgeous, and you use it after cleansing to get rid of the last traces of any make-up, dirt, etc and it also refreshes the skin.

You can see the texture of the vinegar in the photo above. You pop a little bit of it on a cotton pad and swipe it over the face, neck and décolleté for your skin to be ready for your various lotions and potions!

I've also been trying the Extra Fine Cleansing Mask. It can be used as a mask but I've been using it as a cleanser and make-up remover. How this looks and feels is really exciting. The gel itself has a opalescent quality which looks gorgeous and sort of magical. Then you put it onto dry skin and massage in. As you massage it in, the texture changes from a gel to a silky oil so that it is really easy to cleanse all over without dragging the skin. I'm really impressed by this.

Even though this new range has quite a medicinal background, the products smell really fresh and not too intense. I've been trying these two products for about a month now and they are a really lovely addition to my skincare routine.

Information about the full range can be found at and the products are available now in Marks & Spencer.


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Monday, 26 September 2016

A Smashbox Trio

Here's a little something to brighten your Monday! I didn't get too involved in London Fashion Week, but I did head down to Smashbox to check out their new 120 lipstick collection. Yes, that's right - 120! I have three to show you here.

From top to bottom we have,  Always On Liquid Lipstick in Stepping Out (£19), Be Legendary Lipstick in Spectacle (£17.50) and Always On Liquid Lipstick in Bawse (£19). From the name, you can tell that the Always On lippies are super long-lasting. All three have a creamy satin finish, so not glossy but not too matte either. Plus non-drying.

Above, I've put the two liquid lipsticks together. Bawse is a gorgeous deep red, whilst Stepping Out is a more subtle nude, probably more day-time appropriate! Then Spectacle is a punchy orangey-red. All great, all very different.

I'm not overly familiar with Smashbox but the quality of these are really great. Check out the whole 120 lipstick family (you'll be a while!) here.


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Thursday, 22 September 2016

NEW Yardley English Dahlia Collection

There is something absolutely stunning launching from Yardley. The English Dahlia collection is the latest range to launch from the fragrance brand.

From left to right, there is the Eau de Toilette (£14.99 for 125ml), Body Spray (£2.49) and Hand Cream (£4.49). The English Dahlia is now in season and so is very fitting for Autumn. The British brand also wanted to highlight a gorgeous British flower.

The scent itself has top notes of neroli and apple flower, blended with heart notes of dahlia, rose and peony, finished off with base notes of patchouli, cedar and musk. It has a great balance of floral and musky notes so that it isn't too overly feminine but also isn't too intense.

As you can see from the prices of the products, this is a super affordable range yet also great as a gift for someone. Yardley is available at Boots and Superdrug. Go into store and have a sniff!


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Friday, 16 September 2016

My Little Mademoiselle Box

It's My Little Box time! For September, they've got back to their French roots.

Any Parisian chic I can get, is all good with me! The first part of the box is so good...

I am definitely taking this purse with me to Florence at the end of the month. Not French, but Italians are chic too right? It is a special collaboration with My Little Box and designer, Claudie Pierlot. I love the little bow on the front and the message inside. It has a section for cards plus coins so a great travel purse. Usually this would sell for £30 so instantly the box is worth it!

Plus the beauty is really good this month. How beautiful is the design of the bag?

I am trying the Erborian sheet mask ASAP.

I'm a big sheet mask fan as it's quick, no mess and delivers results. This is packed with ginseng to boost skin's radiance and healthy appearance. This retails for £6 a mask.

Next is a Darphin Stimulskin Plus Serumask. What is a serumask I hear you say? Good question. I had no idea. Apparently it's a combination of high quality serum ingredients with the texture of a mask. Hmmm, I'm a little dubious to be honest. Massage in three times a week to keep skin looking fresh.

Finally there is My Little Beauty's own Volume Mascara. My lashes are quite long so I've always gone for volumising over lengthening so this is perfect for me. I also like the look of the brush.

There you have it. A box full of French fancies from My Little Box!


Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Rival to Gilette Venus - The Dorco Eve

It's not particularly glamorous but shaving is a necessity of life for me. I've tried waxing and the ingrown hairs are not worth the pain! I've been using the Gilette Venus razor range for over ten years so when I heard about the new Dorco Eve that could potentially rival my beloved razor I wanted to give it a go.

This is the Dorco Eve 6, the brand's first UK razor for women. It features six blades, which contour to your body's curves for a close shave with no nicks. I tend to always cut myself somewhere around my knees but with this I am nick-free!

As I have dry skin, what I really love is the moisturising bands above and below the blades. Some Venus razors have this but not all. This contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Lavender to moisturise and soothe skin. No shaving rash, just smooth, soft skin.

The Dorco Eve 6 is a quality razor and is the only one that has tempted me away from Venus. It is also really affordable - just £5.09 (very precise!) for one handle and one blade. Available from


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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

SpaceNK Goodies

I recently took a trip to SpaceNK and couldn't resist getting a couple of things.

To be honest, I went with the purpose of getting the new Sarah Chapman Skinesis Lash Boosting Eye Cleanse. An eye make-up remover as well as a lash and brow booster. I've noticed recently that my lashes are a bit more sparse (damn turning 30!) so really wanted to give this a go. Plus my brows can do with all the help possible as they are so fine (damn over-plucking in my teens!).

It smells beautiful - a fresh scent of rose and cucumber. If you want to use it as a treatment, put the liquid onto pads and lie back for 10 minutes. It contains Arnica, Aloe Vera and an anti-glycation complex called Beautifeye to left eyelids and reduce dark circles. Another complex called Capixyl conditions lashes and brows.

I love the design of this. Rather than pouring it onto pads where you might put way too much on and waste some, it has a pump action to slowly dampen cotton wool pads. It feels really lovely and soothing. I can't say if it really reduces dark circles or boosts lashes yet as I've only used it a couple of times, but I've heard such good things are Skinesis products that I'm very hopeful.

I was also in the market for a new concealer. I love that you can trust the SpaceNK staff to be informed and give you great recommendations. For me, they suggested Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer. I've used Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser previously and loved it so I'm giving it a go. They matched me and, of course, I'm the palest! This is the 0.5 shade. Please forgive that I've already tried it before photographing - I couldn't help myself.

I can't wait to try both of these goodies further!