Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Healthy Alternative to Nutella - JimJams

I love Nutella. I was getting into a habit of spooning it out the tub every evening at one point, until I realised just how much sugar there is in it...eek! So how do you keep that most gorgeous taste without so much sugar flooding your blood stream? Enter JimJams spreads...

With a whopping 83% less sugar, this is a much better alternative to Nutella but how does it stack up in terms of texture and taste? Well I'm pleased to say the texture is pretty much the same as Nutella and the taste is still great. It's definitely not as sweet as Nutella but still hits that sweet tooth which may be craving something after a meal, like mine often does! I'm thoroughly enjoying this and don't have to worry so much about the health factor.

The guys behind JimJams initially created it for children but I know many adults who tuck into Nutella regularly so this is for you too. As well as this, they have jams and marmalade which are again things you want to enjoy but perhaps without so much sugar. It's all about balance. I have a recipe card so I'm going to be baking something soon using the hazelnut spread!

JimJams range is available in Tesco and Holland & Barrett nationwide and are just £2.79.


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