Friday, 29 July 2016

Festival Fun - Topshop Glitter

I love festival make-up. No need to spend ages on it, just throw some glitter on and you're done! So easy. Topshop has you covered for every glitter eventuality.

Hair and body glitter in so many shades but here I have, from left to right, Periwinkle which is a white iridescent glitter, Amulet hair glitter which is very similar to Periwinkle but just in larger glitter pieces. Finally, here we have Firefly, a rainbow of gorgeous glitter!

Incredibly easy to apply, simply pat on some Vaseline or lip balm where you want the glitter to go and then dip a finger into the pot and tap on. You can build it up to be subtle glitter or a full on glitter frenzy! The only issue is you will keep finding pieces of glitter around your bedroom for a while after, but there are worse things #firstworldproblems

I used Firefly to create the below look for Stevie Wonder a few weeks ago:

All I did was a bit of mascara and foundation, then glitter along the cheekbones and messy hair - so easy! It lasted all day, even though it was quite sweaty and my sunglasses were resting around the glitter so I was really impressed.

The hair glitter is £7.50 and the other pots are £5 each.


*PR samples

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