Tuesday, 14 June 2016

NEW Soft & Gentle

Not very glamorous but today I'm discussing feminine hygiene. Very important yet rarely talked about, the range of products available to women has been quite limited. However, Soft & Gentle have just launched a new range of pH balanced intimate wash and care products.

In the range we have a Fragranced Spray (£2.99), 2 in 1 Shower & Shave Mousse (£3.99) and Daily Shower Wash (£2.99). They all contain a 'probiotic complex' to care for your skin down there. It's all about the pH level with this area, so Soft & Gentle have worked very hard to create pH balanced products, which have also all been approved by gynaecologists so you can use without any concerns.

Now I don't want to get too graphic, but especially with the summer, warmer months *hopefully* coming, these products are brilliant. What I really love is the multi-tasking aspect to them all. Previously, you would have needed a special wash just for this area plus a body wash for the rest of you, but with this range you use it simply like a normal shower wash without worrying that it might irritate the more delicate parts!

I'm loving the Daily Shower Wash, however the real hero product in the range is the 2 in 1 Shower & Shave Mousse. It is such a lovely texture, it feels really luxurious even with quite a budget price-tag! It leaves my dry skin feeling soothed and moisturised - perfect.

The new Soft & Gentle range is available now in Superdrug and Boots.


*PR samples

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