Tuesday, 7 June 2016

NEW Carex Indulgent Hand Wash

Whilst hand wash is never going to be that glamorous, there are some products that can make the whole thing a lot more luxurious and are kinder to your skin. The new Carex Care+Plus range will thoroughly wash your hands but won't leave your hands feeling super dry.

I took a pic of all the hand washes which includes the Strawberry Laces one in the centre here. The Care+Plus ones are either side. The purple one is Enriching Coconut Oil and Almond and the gold one is Indulgent Argan Oil and Cocoa - both smell amazing!! They have three times the usual skin conditioners which makes them great for those with dry skin. After washing my hands, I often feel really uncomfortable until I can put hand cream on, but with these you skin feels clean and moisturised.

I'm using this one at the moment and it is so lovely. Really bubbly so you feel like it's working away at removing the bacteria, smells beautiful and leaves my hands soft and doesn't have me rushing for the hand cream. It uses Moroccan Argan Oil and Cocoa Extract.

Carex have really upped their game with this new range, especially in terms of how is looks - very Instagrammable. If you were ever going to Instagram a hand wash, this would be it! Even though it is a lot more indulgent and luxurious, the price is still amazing - £2.20 each available at all major retailers.


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