Wednesday, 29 June 2016

New Brand Alert: Yours Truly Organics

Today I want to share a new brand discovery with you - Yours Truly Organics.

The range was created by Kelita Bignall after suffering years of acne and oily skin and she couldn't find any natural, organic products to help so she created them herself! What's great about this (aside from the amazing girl boss-ness!) is that she personally knows what people are looking for. Also, just look at the prettiness of the side of the boxes...

In the range from left to right is the Take It Away Gel Cleanser (£22), Balancing Toner (£19), Fix Me Repairing Serum (£28) and Face Base Face Balm (£25). The cleanser has orange oil (you can tell by the colour!) and sandalwood oil to keep skin healthy whilst getting rid of dirt and impurities. The toner I am loving. I'm a big advocate for the toner. A lot of people think them unnecessary but they do an important job of rebalancing your skin's pH level so that serum, etc can work the very best.

What's new to the range and what I've been trying for a few weeks now is their Spot Me Blemish Treatment Gel.

As someone with dry skin, Yours Truly Organics isn't specifically targeted at me. I have been loving the toner and also this new addition to the range. I rarely get spots, but certainly in the warmer months, they become more frequent. Or I feel one brewing and immediately pop this on to vanish it by morning. It has willow bark extract to clear pores efficiently. I love the roller ball application as it means you don't put on too much and it's super easy.

The brand's tagline is 'beautiful inside and out' and it really is. Gorgeous packaging worthy of anyone's Instagram feed, plus all products are Ecocert Organic Certified, Cruelty Free and Vegetarian Society approved. Check out more at


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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Exciting New Oribe Launches!

Oribe is the epitome of luxury style in the haircare market. If you haven't treated yourself to their products, I recommend you do - it's almost pay day! There are two new launches to get excited about too...

They are the Cote d'Azur Luminous Hair & Body Oil and the Glaze for Beautiful Colour. The first is £62 and the second is £42, so like I said before, definitely treats rather than every day products.

The Cote d'Azur Hair & Body Oil really is gorgeous. It is fragranced with Bergamot, Jasmine and Sandalwood to leave a beautifully sexy scent for hair and body. I believe this is the first time Oribe have branched out to body products. This oil is so nourishing it could be used everywhere. Oils include Almond, Meadowfoam and Starflower.

You spritz it on like a perfume, so there's no worry of pouring out too much. You don't want to waste this! Definitely something for 'date night' or when you feel in need of pampering. It also has UV protection for your hair, no parabens, etc like you would expect, and is vegan and gluten-free.

Next we have the glaze. This intensifies the vibrancy of your colour (whether natural or, ahem, natural-ish!) and is used as your conditioner around once a week. At first, I thought this was for redheads as the bottle is red but it is one product for all colours. As well as conditioning the hair, it leaves a high-gloss top coat for beautiful shine and healthy-looking colour. I haven't tried this out yet, but I reckon you might see better results on brunettes, as shine is more obvious. I will report back for blondes...

Both of these new Oribe launches are available from SpaceNK.


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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

June My Little Box - Possibly the Worst Yet...

Usually I absolutely love My Little Box every month and recently they seem to have been getting better and better. Unfortunately June's box really doesn't seem that great in my opinion.

One of the better products in this month's box is this Kusmi Tea. I still need to try it but it sounds lovely - a mix of apple, berries and hibiscus which makes a refreshing iced tea - just need the weather to warm up!

Also in the box is this vest top. Unfortunately the size is huge so it's gone straight into my charity shop bag!

Now for the beauty...

I really like the little pouch the products came in this month - these little bags are always good for taking toiletries on holiday so very handy.

From left to right there is a Ciate nail varnish, a sea salt spray and a Too Faced Glitter Glue. As you might be able to see from this pic, the Ciate nail varnish has completely dried up and isn't usable.

I do like a sea salt spray so I will give this product a go. It's a My Little Beauty product so one of their own.

Finally, there is the Too Faced glitter glue. No glitter, just the glue. Which seems the most pointless of products so again, this is going straight into my charity bag.

I hope this doesn't come across too moany, but I am really disappointed with the June My Little Box. I guess the previous boxes have been so good, it was inevitable there would be one that wouldn't quite live up to the standard they have set. Here's hoping July's is better!


Monday, 20 June 2016

New Brand Alert - Nu Skin

I love discovering new brands! I was recently invited to an event with beauty company, Nu Skin. Their product offering is amazing in terms of how many products they have! Here is a quick overview.

Their skincare range is called Nu Skin, and they also do make-up called Nu Colour.

Nu Skin products contain ageLOC science to target sources of anti-ageing and minimise the effects. One of the most exciting things I saw at this event was ageLoc Me, a customised skincare system in a super high-tech device!

Here are some of their Nutricentials collection, probably their most 'basic' range to care for your skin.

I have been trying out their night cream and day cream. The night cream is thick yet not sticky so a great texture. The day cream is SPF 22 (no idea why 22, seems such a random number) and I like it but so far I'm not loving it. Perhaps it's not hydrating enough for my dry skin.

One of the products I was most excited to try is part of the Tru Face range. The Essence Ultra is a pot of single use serum capsules. It feels so silky that it is a real luxury to use. Full review to come soon...

Also, a really cool product from Nu Skin is Epoch Aromatic Stone. You can pop a few drops of essential oil on it and the scent holds for weeks on end.

Finally, some of their make-up range, Nu Colour.

The lip gloss is great, but what I really love is this lipstick! It's called Cha Cha Red and is a gorgeous satin deep red.

This doesn't even scratch the surface of the product range. Seriously, the amount Nu Skin offers is insane! So happy to discover something new, and full reviews will be coming very soon.


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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

NEW Soft & Gentle

Not very glamorous but today I'm discussing feminine hygiene. Very important yet rarely talked about, the range of products available to women has been quite limited. However, Soft & Gentle have just launched a new range of pH balanced intimate wash and care products.

In the range we have a Fragranced Spray (£2.99), 2 in 1 Shower & Shave Mousse (£3.99) and Daily Shower Wash (£2.99). They all contain a 'probiotic complex' to care for your skin down there. It's all about the pH level with this area, so Soft & Gentle have worked very hard to create pH balanced products, which have also all been approved by gynaecologists so you can use without any concerns.

Now I don't want to get too graphic, but especially with the summer, warmer months *hopefully* coming, these products are brilliant. What I really love is the multi-tasking aspect to them all. Previously, you would have needed a special wash just for this area plus a body wash for the rest of you, but with this range you use it simply like a normal shower wash without worrying that it might irritate the more delicate parts!

I'm loving the Daily Shower Wash, however the real hero product in the range is the 2 in 1 Shower & Shave Mousse. It is such a lovely texture, it feels really luxurious even with quite a budget price-tag! It leaves my dry skin feeling soothed and moisturised - perfect.

The new Soft & Gentle range is available now in Superdrug and Boots.


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Friday, 10 June 2016

Living Proof Timeless Collection

I recently attended an event where I was introduced to Living Proof. I had heard of them previously but had never tried any of their products. I was lucky enough to leave with their new Timeless range.

Not just comprising of a shampoo and conditioner, there is also an exciting pre-shampoo treatment and a plumping mousse. As the name of the collection might suggest, Timeless is an anti-ageing range to be used for those aged 30+. I have recently turned 30 and, whilst my hair has never been particularly thick, it is definitely getting thinner - damn ageing process! All the Timeless products contain a Fortifying Complex of hair-nourishing Amino Acids, Ceramide-like lipids and OFPMA + proteins. All of this basically means hair is healthy, strong and beautiful.

The product I find most interesting and exciting is the pre-shampoo treatment. You pop a couple of pumps of this all over your hair for at least 5 minutes to let it do it's thing. It's 'thing' is protecting against damage, strengthening and reducing breakage, as well as having colour seal technology plus UV absorber - it does it all!

I've been using this range for a few weeks now and my hair feels really lovely at the moment. I can't pin it down to one product as I've been using the full range but I do really rate the pre-shampoo treatment. Also, the plumping mousse definitely gives more thickness to my hair when I style it.

The Living Proof Timeless collection has just launched into SpaceNK, M&S and John Lewis. The products are 'masstige' between £23 and £25 but my God, is the quality brilliant!


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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

NEW Carex Indulgent Hand Wash

Whilst hand wash is never going to be that glamorous, there are some products that can make the whole thing a lot more luxurious and are kinder to your skin. The new Carex Care+Plus range will thoroughly wash your hands but won't leave your hands feeling super dry.

I took a pic of all the hand washes which includes the Strawberry Laces one in the centre here. The Care+Plus ones are either side. The purple one is Enriching Coconut Oil and Almond and the gold one is Indulgent Argan Oil and Cocoa - both smell amazing!! They have three times the usual skin conditioners which makes them great for those with dry skin. After washing my hands, I often feel really uncomfortable until I can put hand cream on, but with these you skin feels clean and moisturised.

I'm using this one at the moment and it is so lovely. Really bubbly so you feel like it's working away at removing the bacteria, smells beautiful and leaves my hands soft and doesn't have me rushing for the hand cream. It uses Moroccan Argan Oil and Cocoa Extract.

Carex have really upped their game with this new range, especially in terms of how is looks - very Instagrammable. If you were ever going to Instagram a hand wash, this would be it! Even though it is a lot more indulgent and luxurious, the price is still amazing - £2.20 each available at all major retailers.


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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May Empties

I know I say it every time but it's true - this year is going way too fast! Here is a quick look at the products I've used up this last month:

First is something special from Jo Malone. Quick wintery, the Nutmeg and Ginger Bath Oil is a beautiful, comforting, luxurious oil that you only need to add a dash to your bath to get the full fragrance effect - why it's lasted so long! It's probably the right time of year to finish this, as it's not very summery but I would definitely use it again when it starts getting chilly in a few months (sob!). See more about it here.

Next, is another bath product. Where the Jo Malone Bath Oil is probably for a 'special occasion bath' (if there is such a thing), the I love...Peachy Passionfruit Bath Crème* gives a bubbly fruity bath that is really moisturising for more frequent use as it's so affordable. See it here.

Next, I'm really upset to have finished this, as the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is one of my all-time beauty faves. To be fair, this has lasted months so I can't really complain. This is the special Orange Flower and Chamomile edition* which is really fresh and perfect for cleansing in the mornings. It effectively gets rid of dirt whilst still being gentle. A definite winner!

Finally, here is a beautiful moisturiser from Japanese skincare brand DHC. The Beauty Lift Cream* is part of their new range (see full details here) and would work for a wide variety of skin types as it is moisturising without being heavy or greasy in any way. It doesn't have any SPF so you need to add this over the top in the morning, which I do anyway, but this moisturiser gives a beautiful texture to the skin and seals in your serum. I've been using it religiously every day and my skin is really lovely at the moment.


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