Friday, 11 March 2016

DHC Olive Oil Swabs - The Must-Haves You Never Knew You Needed!

I love discovering new beauty products I never knew I needed and DHC have pulled it out the bag with this one! The DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs look quite medical but don't be scared - they are an essential of mine now!

Handbag-friendly and super-hygienic, each swab comes in its own sealed plastic wrap. You can use them in various ways but the best thing I find them for is conditioning my cuticles. I sit on the sofa and put the oil on whilst watching TV - rock and roll!

Because they are quite small, they are really convenient and handy for getting rid of a little bit of mascara I always find gets on my eyelids! So clever.

The swabs are 100% cotton and the olive oil is organic so a really good quality product. I love DHC's Cleansing Oil and this is another brilliant product from the brand.

Available at Feel Unique for only £5.50!

*PR sample

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