Monday, 29 February 2016

#ManicureMonday L'Oreal Color Riche 404 Scarlet Vamp

I always feel so sophisticated with red nails! I felt it was needed this week after a crazy few weeks so I'm trying L'Oreal's Color Riche Scarlet Vamp.
It's a really lovely deep red. It definitely needs two coats though - the first coat is a little streaky but a second coat will sort it out! It dried really fast which is always good.
Definitely a great red to add to my collection for all year round when you need a little sophistication! It's only £4.99 at Superdrug here.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

New NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint

So many exciting new launches at the moment - this time a beaut from NARS!
The new foundation from NARS is called the Velvet Matte Skin Tint. It has an innovation called 'Velvet Illusion Complex' to diffuse imperfections and instantly even skin tone. It also has SPF 30 which is great - even though you may think you don't need this in February, your skin will thank you for it!
I got matched to Terre Neuve (the palest shade, of course!) but there are 12 shades on offer for all types of complexions. My initial impression was how soft it is and also really light. I hate thick foundations, I feel them coating my pores and suffocating my skin! But this is really light but with medium coverage. It blends really well and builds evenly, lasting all day. A winner!

To celebrate this launch, SpaceNK has a limited edition box to include your shade of NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint plus five minis to create the 'Modern Minimalist' look - one of their key SS16 looks. It's only £16 but limited edition so be quick! The foundation on its own is £30 from here.

*PR sample

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

'Anti-pollution' skincare seems to be the new thing at the moment. It's not something I've really given much thought to but living in London maybe I should! I'm giving the new REN anti-pollution mist a go in the hopes it'll help.
It has four 'lines of defence' against UV light and pollutants which generate free radicals which attack the skin. They make skin lose its radiance and look dull and tired - definitely not what I want!
So what's actually inside? Biosaccharide Gum shields skin with a protective barrer. Zinc and Manganese Amino Acids protect from oxidative stress. Quercetin boosts antioxidant capacity of cells, stimulating skin repair, whilst Alfa-glucan detoxifies.
There's a lot of science here and I'm not sure how effective it will be, but I definitely think all the exhaust fumes, smoke, etc in the air in the city cannot be good for your skin so why not give it a little help?
The NEW REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist is £24 for 60ml, available in March from SpaceNK.
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Monday, 15 February 2016

My Candle Obsession

Like a lot of people I am candle obsessed! And I couldn't seem to resist the sales recently so here are some new additions to my candle collection. Here we have candles from Waitrose, Floris, Yankee Candle, Belle Fleur and the ultimate, Diptyque. 

I got the Waitrose Coconut and Sandalwood candle and Yankee Candle in Sage and White Tea for Christmas, then the Floris Garden Party one for my birthday, and then could not resist having even more, with the Belle Fleur Cacao Tabaq and Diptyque candles in the SpaceNK sale!

What new candles have you got recently?

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

First Look at the New GOSH SS16 Make-up - Swatch-fest!!

Last week I got a sneak peak at the new GOSH Copenhagen SS16 range and I couldn't wait to share it with you!
First up is a new mascara, Rebel Eyes:

Isn't this eyeshadow palette beautiful? Really wearable shades, and very grown up as they are all matt - nobody over 13 can really pull off sparkly eyeshadow!
Also going down the matt theme is this lipstick in Smoothie. I wore it all of yesterday and absolutely loved it!
I'm also in love with these eyeshadow pencils. Very soft and blendable. I can't wait to use them!
The top shade is called Twisted Brown and the bottom one is Dark Brown.
Next a couple of beautiful illuminators. First up, Lumi Drops in Peach which you can see gives a subtle glow rather than full on shimmer.
Then we have their Illuminating Primer, this is shade number 4. It's really silky and leaves an even more subtle glow - looking forward to trying this one.
Finally, lip oils! I first thought these might be more like a stain, but you'll see it's a very sheer, glossy lip colour.
The top one is Raspberry and the bottom on is Sea Buckthorn.
There we go! A lot of exciting new launches from GOSH. Full reviews to come...

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

New DHC Beauty Lift Skincare Range

Last week I went to a lovely evening especially for the launch of this new skincare range by Japanese brand, DHC. Anything that comes from Asia excites me as they are always one step ahead when it comes to beauty - especially skincare.
From left to right we have a moisturiser, lotion (toner), essence/serum and a milk (light moisturiser). They all aim to hydrate, smooth and give skin a lifted appearance. I need to try these out to see how they really are, but here's a first look.
I'm most excited about the essence, a step in the skincare regime fairly new to the Western world, but something Asian women have been using for ages.
The range doesn't launch until 1st March so I have a month to fully try it out. I'll report back...
*PR samples

Monday, 1 February 2016

January Favourites/Empties

We got through January everyone! Here is what I've been enjoying this past month...
Bioderma has to be my favourite for removing make-up - it's so quick and easy! The Sensibio micellar water is effective yet really soothing for sensitive skin. My skin always gets a bit more sensitive in the cold weather, so I've been using this every evening.
Next up, Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs - a beautiful acid exfoliator. I don't like scrub exfoliators for my face as I find them far too abrasive. Acids are my friends here, and these easy-to-use pads have been amazing. I wake up with glowing skin.
I've almost used up this Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Soufflé Body Crème. I've been applying liberally after a shower to nourish my dry skin without any greasiness or waiting around for it to soak in. A really subtle scent, you don't end up smelling like a fig roll!
Finally, a good lip balm is a must this time of year and I really recommend Dr. Lipp. It's all natural, the only ingredient is lanolin and it hydrates and protects without needing constant reapplication. A winner!
What have you been loving this past month?