Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A L'Oreal Lipstick Haul

I have endless lipsticks but you can never have too many! And L'Oreal have some gorgeous ones at the moment...
First is the L'Oreal matte gloss in Smoke Me Up which is highly pigmented.
It has an easy to use applicator which gives a good finish, even when I'm applying on the tube!
Next up I went for Eva Longoria's Pure Red and Nude lippies.
Two really wearable shades, for whether you want a simple nude with more emphasis on your eyes, or a beautiful red if you want your lips to be centre of attention!
Finally I wanted a lovely pink colour so Color Riche in Rose Royale is perfect.

This one probably has the most moisture with a creamy texture. Maybe more for Spring/Summer, it really is beautiful.
Bravo L'Oreal, great lipstick game at the moment!


1 comment:

  1. I have the Julianne Nude and I love it - one of my all time favourites. L'Oreal really do make great lipsticks x