Thursday, 7 January 2016

30 By 30

It's my 30th birthday today - wahey!! Rather than freaking out I'm looking forward to my thirties - more confidence, self-assurance, money and solid friends than in my twenties means it can only get better! I never really had a bucket list of what I wanted to do by the time I was 30, but it got me thinking what have I done? Quite a lot it seems! Here is my top 30 list of things I have done by the time I'm 30...
  1. First up, I have my health, happiness, great family and friends and that is an achievement and something to celebrate in itself!
  2. Won a Blue Peter badge. I can't really remember what for, something to do with a poem about a squirrel I think! Anyway, I have one...
  3. Had a great music education - first from my mum, then various friends leading me to have a crazy memory for songs!
  4. Learnt to drive and only recently gave up my beautiful purple Mini I was riding around in for 9 years.
  5. Ran a 5k Race for Life back in the day when a minute of running would make me keel over.
  6. Learnt a language. I wish I was fluent but conversational Spanish has got me through most of my travels, especially Argentina where not many people spoke English and I had to somehow get a new SIM card.
  7. Swam with dolphins (this one always seems to be up there in most people's bucket lists)
  8. Gained a first degree - but made sure I had as much fun at uni as possible as well as getting a good degree of course.
  9. Stayed up all night talking shit with friends. This one is mostly at uni, then passing out, then looking at our digital cameras (that's how old I am) the next morning to see the evidence of what happened the night before.
  10. Visited the Pyramids. I even climbed inside one (don't bother, not much there), and rode a hot air balloon over the Nile.
  11. Met Royalty - not the Queen unfortunately but Prince Charles, so the next King and I are besties.
  12. Seen a billion stars one evening in Montana - so breathtaking!
  13. Travelled solo - quite a lot actually. When I left my parents at Heathrow for a year of solo travel, I was the most scared I think I've ever been. But it was also the best thing I have ever done. When you can get through various situations travelling throws you into, not much can phase you.
  14. Loved. A lot. I've also been through my fair share of heartache but I don't regret any of it.
  15. Also laughed a lot. Laughed so much I've cried, not been able to breathe, stomach muscles hurt, the works. And please bring more of these laughs on!
  16. Taken a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately I was crazy hungover for it but still AMAZING
  17. Dived the Great Barrier Reef. I got my PADI certificate here and I think it may have spoilt me forever as it was the most beautiful diving spot. The night dive with sharks was especially thrilling!
  18. Eaten many weird and wonderful things. We're not talking I'm a Celebrity trial standard but I'm quite adventurous when it comes to food - eating not cooking.
  19. Camped at Glastonbury in ridiculous mud and saw Beyoncé live - definitely a highlight but I don't feel the need to do Glastonbury again
  20. Bungy-swung through the rainforest - not jumped, but swung. Trust me, terrifying enough. Never again
  21. I have been Pudsey Bear. That's right, I am Pudsey!
  22. Danced like a madwoman at Rio Carnival
  23. Seen and travelled to so many incredible places I can't list them all here but highlights include: Iguassu Falls, Sydney, Queenstown, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Machu Picchu, and my thirst for travel never goes away.
  24. Overcome some really bad times. Especially years of insomnia where I was at my lowest. I got through it with a combination of a lot of things, support from friends and family but also meditation - give it a go if you never have.
  25. Learnt to cut out the bullshit. For the most part anyway. Mindfulness and yoga is a big part of this and I love them both.
  26. Kept this blog going for quite a while. I'm no way near a 'big blogger' and I go through phases of blogging but I do enjoy it and am really grateful for the people I've met through my blog.
  27. Learnt the best beauty for me. I have accepted I have a round face, will never have strong brows, and that's OK. Same with fashion - thanks to Kim K and J Lo for making big booties OK!
  28. I have my own flat. With the help of my parents (of course in London!) and I love it. London has to be the best city in the world.
  29. Without sounding too much like a jerk, I've stayed true to myself. More so as I've got older and more sure of myself, but if someone has asked me to do something I don't believe in/don't want to do, it's OK to say no.
  30. Finally, I've made it to 30! Well done me.
Here's to another 30 years.


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  1. Happy Birthday and what an achievement this lot is, wow x