Tuesday, 10 November 2015

I Love...New Launches!

I really do love new launches...but here are the new launches from I Love...!
Does this brand just know what I need right now?! I up the number of baths I have this time of year as it gets darker and colder, plus I need hand sanitiser from all the germs that are going around at the moment!
The Pink Marshmallow bubble bath in particular is gorgeous. Lots of bubbles, sweet but not overly sweet, just perfect. I've tried the Coconut & Cream before so I know I love that one, but still to test out Peachy Passionfruit - something tells me it's going to be good though!
The new launches are I love...Saved By the Gel (see what they did there?!). I have the Strawberries and Cream and Coconut and Cream ones, but there are also Raspberry and Blackberry and Mango and Papaya. Plus they're only £1.25.
Most anti-bacs smell awful of pure alcohol, so these are great. A hint of their scent is all that's needed, otherwise it would be too overpowering. They also have jojoba esters which means they don't dry out your skin. Perfect for handbags, I carry one around with me to quickly cleanse after public transport!
Check them out on their website and at Superdrug.
*PR sample

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