Wednesday, 28 October 2015

AW15: Nude v. Berry Lips

This AW15 season there are two clear trends lips-wise - either go natural or go wine. I'm really conflicted on which look I prefer, but realised there are pros and cons to both, and the pros of one are the cons of the other - so time to go head to head...
Nude Lips

  • First and foremost this is an easy look. Low maintenance, no need for constant reapplying.
  • It can make lips look bigger if you get the shade spot on!
  • Subtle yet sophisticated, if my eyes are quite made up, a nude lip just completes everything. I love applying my Burberry Sepia lipstick before a meeting (see about that here) - plus you can even apply without having a mirror in front of you.
  • No lippie on teeth embarrassment!
Berry/Wine Lips

  • Sexy! No doubt about it, this look is very seductive.
  • A power lip statement gives you confidence. Whether for an interview, a date, a selfie, a berry lip makes you feel ready for anything!
  • Easy - not in terms of needing to reapply throughout your day, but very quick to create a look rather than spend ages blending a smoky eye for example.
  • Makes teeth look whiter - always good!
Which do you prefer?

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