Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn Survival

I've been trying to ignore it but it is most definitely Autumn now. Mornings are horrendously dark, evenings are chilly, and with the clocks going back we're on the downhill to colder and's how I'm going to get through this season.
I think I'm naturally quite a cold person, especially my hands and feet. Bed socks, though not very sexy at all, are a must for me. Vests, jumpers, coats, scarves, gloves, etc, etc are needed. And layers are great when you then get into the office and the heating is on full blast.

Hot Drinks
I'm a bit of a tea-aholic all year round but especially when it's colder outside. However I tend to up my hot drink repertoire this time of year, throwing some hot chocolate into the mix, and I do love a chai tea latte. Being one of those people who doesn't like coffee, I use all types of tea to keep me warm and get me going in the mornings!

Lip Balm
Go for one that is natural, isn't full of petroleum, and you can then use it for all types of dry skin. This is the time of year you notice a lot more people putting lip balm on due to the cold, wind and going from hot to cold and back again. I also notice my cuticles, knuckles, and elbows also becoming dry so a multi-purpose balm is a Godsend right now.

As soon as I'm in my flat, my aim is to get on the sofa under a blanket in record time. I even have one you can plug in so it heats up - pure bliss! There's something so lovely about being cosy, especially when it's terrible weather outside which I'm sure is on it's way...invest in a blanket now.

Nourishing Skincare
Up the richness of your skincare even if you have oily skin. Anything with Hyaluronic Acid I love as it is super light but hydrates unlike anything else. Look after your skin, it's about to be put through a lot. Sunday evenings spent with face masks are always good, and don't forget about your hands and feet. Just because your feet are wrapped up, doesn't mean they don't need some love!

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