Monday, 21 September 2015

NEW Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep - How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

It's Monday. Did you sleep well? Do you look like you slept well? That's exactly what I'm talking about today...

I recently went to the launch of this new Vichy product and have been trying it out every night for a few weeks and have to say it is a beautiful thing!
Like most of us, I probably don't get enough sleep, which wreaks havoc on our skin as it's the prime time to repair itself. Vichy actually tested this product specifically on those who have little sleep e.g. new mothers, nurses, flight crew, so you know it's been rigorously tried and tested.
There are some big claims with this product. It is the first night product proven to stimulate skin's deep sleep mechanisms so that no matter how many hours sleep you have, the skin's nightly functions remain at their optimum. Inside is Hyaluronic Acid, brilliant at hydration and cell regeneration, and LHA, derived from Salicylic Acid to smooth and even skin to give a great glow.
It also has a light scent of relaxing Green Tea and Jasmine, which they found led to 73% of women feeling more relaxed before going to sleep.
The thing you first notice about this product is the texture. It is called a gel-balm so it isn't quite a cream you normally find with night moisturisers, but it isn't quite a gel either. Very hard to explain, but it is super light, really soothing and sinks into the skin very quickly.
After a few weeks I definitely noticed my skin looking a lot more radiant and fresh first thing in the morning, even if I hadn't got a particularly good sleep. There is obviously a lot of research, testing and innovative that has gone into this product and it shows in the results. Definitely one to try!
Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep is £26.50 (such a reasonable price for a wonderful product) available at Boots.
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