Monday, 3 August 2015

New Pixi Skincare...and more!

Last week I got a sneak peak at these new launches from Pixi coming out TODAY!
From today Pixi is branching into skincare as well as make-up. You can tell they've spent a lot of time thinking about what skincare products they want to launch and what ingredients have gone into them as they are all gorgeous!!
Perhaps the one I'm most excited by is this Hydrating Milky Mist. I love a face spray, especially when it's hot and humid, and this one contains my fave ingredient - Hyaluronic Acid! (Yes, I do have a favourite skincare ingredient).
Also in the range is a night cream called Beauty Sleep Cream, a hydrating gel, H20 Skindrink, which is possibly the lightest, most beautiful moisturiser I've ever felt. There's also a Nourishing Sleep Mask which is also light for a mask and non-sticky, plus a 23K Eye Elixir - yep it has gold inside!
This is the H2O Skindrink, such a wonderful texture...
I will do a full review on the skincare once I've tried it for a few weeks but first impressions are fab!
Then for the new make-up launches, there are a whole load of new lipsticks. Here are two of them - Bitten Rose on the left and Petal Pink on the right.
A great satin finish, creamy and moisturising, and check out all the shades as there is something for everyone - I went with more neutral colours but there are bright shades too.
Finally, a new 'Lengthy Fiber' mascara in black...
So much amazing newness from Pixi! All of this is launching in stores and online today.
*PR samples


  1. I've just recently tried the Glow Tonic and absolutely loved it, TV is whole line sounds gorgeous!!

    Jess xo