Monday, 24 August 2015

Just How Speedy are Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polishes??!

When nail polishes say 'quick dry' just how quick is that? That's what I set out to test this weekend with the Barry M Speedy nail polishes.

The 'speedy' nail polishes have flat brushes which makes applying it really quick and easy. But I think they're going more for the quick dry than quick apply, so how about the drying time? It was definitely touch-dry after around 5 minutes and I could get on with my day after 10...but is that really that much quicker than regular nail polishes?? If you're going to advertise the quick dry effect, I'm expecting about 2 minutes...done!
As for this shade, which is called Pole Position, it's a great mint green, but the first coat is a little streaky. To get a good even colour you then feel the need to apply quite a thick second coat so it then goes all bobbly. Let's hope the other shades are a bit better...

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