Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Best Way to Have Beauty Treatments - At Home!

I LOVE a beauty treatment - massage, mani, pedi, facial, etc, etc I adore it all! I have regular massages and then throw the other treatments in when I can afford it/feel I need them. I used to go to a great little place in China Town for my massages. I left feeling so relaxed and zen...until I hit the tube home. See that's the problem, the journey home usually kills your calm mood.

So I have decided to pay the little bit extra to have the luxury of treatments in the comfort of my own lounge. You don't move a muscle. It's the way forward I'm telling you!
First I tried a massage at home through Wahanda. The woman brought all her own towels, oil and massage table. I had to provide the music, and I didn't have much chill-out so I was more prepared the next time she came. She says some of her clients watch TV, some even drink vodka! I'll settle for Ibiza chill out music.
My relaxation continued through the whole evening. I had some wine, a bath, pure bliss.
Next I tried a pedicure with Perfect 10. I had seen their dotty cars around London, and thought I'd give them a go last weekend. With it being flip flop weather now, I had to make sure my feet looked somewhat OK! The pedicure even had a head massage included which left me feeling so chilled.

Again, I could then just enjoy my evening with no tube/bus/car journey to ruin anything.

Treatments at home are obviously more expensive than if you were to go somewhere, but only by around £10 which I definitely think is worth paying. That little bit extra means you get the full benefit of what you've been treated to.
I will definitely continue to have the therapists come to me! Have any of you tried at-home treatments?

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  1. It's not for me. I just don't find it relaxing at all. I instead sit and worry about whether I hoovered or if the ironing was put away. I much prefer going to a salon/spa x