Wednesday, 1 July 2015

NEW Paul & Joe Summer Collection - Midnight Sangria

Last week I went to a bloggers event for the latest collection from super-pretty make-up brand, Paul & Joe. Whilst the packaging is amazing, the quality is also fantastic and here are some of the new launches...

Inspired by the heat and romance of Spain during the Summer the range is called Midnight Sangria, and there are three new lip glosses, three new eyeshadow duos and five new nail polishes, plus some coloured mascaras. A few new products to say the least!
The nail polish here is Crème de Cacao, a beige/grey. Some of the other polishes are more vibrant such as Dragon Fruit, a bright pink, and Annatto, an orangey-red perfect for this season. The nail polishes are £12.
The lip gloss to the left is Sanguinello, a red and orange mix, and the right one is Strawberry Kiwi, a pink and yellow combo, both are £15. Sanguinello has more colour to it and both have a slight sheen. They aren't sticky which I was worried about but both are very pretty and wearable:
Finally, I got the make-up artist treatment last week and tried their new Blue Hibiscus mascara. Coloured mascaras definitely seem to be something of a trend right now, what with Benefit just launching some as well, but I've always stuck with black. The blue is very subtle and I would definitely wear it again, maybe on the tips of the lashes after putting on my much-loved black! They also have a Pink Samba mascara which is very unusual and doesn't make you look unwell as you might think!
Overall a very pretty yet effective, well thought-out new range from Paul & Joe. It is all available now in Selfridges and on ASOS. Now, let's get some actual Sangria and party!
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