Monday, 22 June 2015

The Beginning of Summer - What Are You Looking Forward To?

The Summer Solstice yesterday signifies the official start of Summer. I absolutely love Summer, and especially in London. It feels happier, calmer, and with so much going on. Here are the top things I'm most looking forward to this season:
1. Lazy evenings - the lighter evenings mean us Brits actually go out after work! During Winter most people seem to want to dash home, have dinner and then time for bed. Whereas in the Summer, the evenings stretch out into cider-packed beer garden fun times. Bliss!
2. Travelling light - in Summer there's no need for a jacket, scarf, hat, gloves. Winter you're laden down with all these accessories, this season it's so care-free, just get up and go.
3. Summer activities - there is SO much going on every night/weekend. Festivals, comedy nights, pop-ups, sales...the city is brimming with exciting things to go to. Make the most of it.
4. A quieter city - London is, quite obviously, packed with people. However, August in London is brilliant - everybody leaves! I prefer to go away Spring/Autumn time when the weather is dreadful here. Fingers crossed, we have a good Summer, and we'll get to enjoy it in a slightly less packed and therefore nicer London!
5. Easy beauty - in Winter, I need a heavier foundation, but Summer needs something light. Make-up can be minimal as a coat of fake tan let's you get away with a light/no base. Mascara, brows, then done! I also always let my hair dry naturally in the Summer to give my hair a break from hairdryers but also to have the casual tousled waves my hair naturally dries to.
6. Bright shades - Summer is when we can ramp up the colour intensity! Nail varnish goes bright coral, accessories can be almost fluorescent, and it all accentuates a tan. Perfect.
7. Reflecting - the approaching start of the new 'school year' always makes me reflect on my life, whether I'm going in the direction I want to go in, and if not what to do about it. The lazy evenings help with this deep thought which we don't tend to get so much during the rest of the year when things speed up and are more manic.
I'm so excited for this season and what it might bring. What do you love about Summer? What are you most looking forward to this Summer?

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  1. Being able to get the tube instead of the nightbus ;) x