Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Smells Like Holiday!

You know when a product just smells of holiday? Usually something that smells like coconut takes me back to the beach, but also anything tropical will transport me to that happy place and remind me of holidays or just generally summer. Here are my top summer-smelling treats!
First up, the Boots Mango Body Butter. OMG this is gooooood stuff! Deliciously rich, yet sinks into the skin quickly, it smells so much like mango you just want to eat it. The scent stays as well so throughout the day you'll get whiffs of mango gorgeousness to make you smile. Available here

Next, John Frieda has brought back their classic Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray! And thank God they have! I used to use this years ago and the coconut smell this has takes me right back. Probably means I spray much more than I should be it's a welcome return to my beauty routine. Get yours here

The I love... Coconut & Cream Bubble Bath is pure bliss. Super bubbly, holiday smells, pure relaxation - what more do you need?! Find out more here

Next up, the Kadalys Banana Balm not only looks amazing and tropical in terms of design but also the smell is amazing. Plus it is actually a great lip balm too! Brightens up my day, I recommend it to everyone - discover it here.

Finally, new to Yes To is Yes To Coconut. The range is designed for more dry skin than oily which is perfect for me, and the body scrub is just the right amount of gritty to feel like it's doing something but doesn't irritate. It also transports me to palm tree-lined beaches and Pina Colada! Take a look here


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