Thursday, 18 June 2015

La Roche Posay Anthelios Range - Suncare for Sensitive Skin

The sun's out! Which is fantastic, but it does mean it's time to up the ante when it comes to SPF protection. I used to be such a sun worshipper but I think getting older and starting to see those first fine lines means I'm now a little obsessive about suncare.
This year there are lots of exciting new launches from La Roche Posay with SPF 50+. I haven't come across a product from this brand I don't like. And I feel the Anthelios range is so perfect for me with it's extra high SPF and especially made for sensitive skin.

From left to right you have the Nutritive Oil, Baby Lotion, BB Tinted Comfort Cream and the original Comfort Cream.

The Nutritive Oil is amazing. Sinks in very quickly and you only need a little bit to cover an area - it can be used all over the body. It's very light so good for oily skin too. Plus it gives a lovely sheen to the skin. Also the BB cream is a fave of mine.

It gives just a hint of colour with the SPF 50 protection so great for days like today. Like the oil it is really light so good for slightly sweaty days. It only comes in one shade but it works for me so I'm happy! I think if you were olive skinned it may not match you so well but for English roses it's perfect. 

The Comfort Cream is designed for those with dry skin and for the face so go for that if you want more coverage than a BB cream, and you can then pop a foundation over the top. The Baby Lotion is obviously designed for children but why not use it?! I'm going to!

So get yourselves down to Boots as the UV rays are getting stronger and stronger now. Check out the full Anthelios range here

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