Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Behind the Scenes at Weleda #WeledaInsight

This Sunday I escaped London and headed towards Weleda's main office based near Nottingham for #WeledaInsight. Absolutely fascinating, they are holding some more days across Summer so I would recommend visiting if you are at all interested in green beauty.
I'm not a 'green blogger' by any means, but it is something I would like to know more about, and I think if something with no chemicals can do as good a job as something packed full of chemicals then why wouldn't you go for the greener option?!
The day started with a tour of their 13 acre gardens...

The weather could have been better unfortunately but it was still great. The gardener was so knowledgeable and explained how they go a step further than organic by using biodynamic farming methods. This goes beyond just treating the root of plants by using organic soil, no pesticides, etc and looks at the whole plant. They also sow seeds according to where the moon is in it's cycle - baffled?! The moon affects water on this planet so if you plant things at certain times in the moon's cycle it will grow better. Makes so much sense but I'd never heard of it before!

We then had a demonstration of how they make their plant tinctures, which is the base of all their products. Some quite complicated science which went over my head but in a nutshell they chop everything down, mix it with ethanol and leave it to soak for a few weeks - easy!

Next, we had a fun time trying to make our own soap! A bit messy but very simple with hardly any steps. I'd never made my own soap before, and I doubt I could give the professionals a run for their money but a nice gift to take away from the day. 

The day finished with an insight into their new launches - more on this to come later! Most excitingly for me, they are extending their Almond range for dry and sensitive skin. Perfect for my skin type, but I'm most excited because it is just the best smelling range EVER! Just gorgeous, it smells like marzipan. Also, how gorgeous are these vintage adverts?!

All in all an amazing day, I thoroughly enjoyed getting this exclusive access to an incredible brand. 

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  1. It was so lovely to meet you Christina! I had such a lovely day, I'd love to visit again :) x