Saturday, 28 March 2015

Why Champneys has lost it...and they don't care

I really hate writing negative blog posts. My blog is called Christina Adores, I like to be positive. However, last weekend I went to Champneys with my mum for some quality mother daughter pampering time. What I expected was pure bliss, great service, quality throughout, and both myself and my mum were bitterly disappointed.
This isn't my first time at Champneys - I've been quite a few times, to different locations, and really enjoyed it. However, this is going back a few years ago, and between then and now they've lost their way.
Examples include no welcome drink which we were promised - minor detail, but if you're promising it, don't not deliver!
Then our bags were brought up to our room...except mine was missing. Waiting for it, a very honest lady from a room a few doors down the corridor knocked on our door asking if we'd lost a bag. It had been placed in their room, when it clearly had our room number labelled on it. My bag had my laptop, camera and other valuables in, so it was lucky she didn't go through my bag. Apparently she had called reception to tell them, but there was no answer so she just came to our room herself. Furious.
Also, wifi is promised 'throughout the building', yet not in our room. I was planning on getting some much-overdue blogging done but that couldn't happen. Again, not good, and reception couldn't care less.
Our shower leaked all over the bathroom floor, the robes were dirty...everything was just a little bit grubby. I wondered to my mum if maybe they're not doing so well financially and can't afford to keep everything to a good standard, but for the price they charge for a stay and for all their treatments, they must be raking it in. No excuse.
On check-out, we were asked if we'd had a nice time, and when we said there were some issues, the only response was, "Shall I get the Duty Manager?". Not "Sorry to hear that" or "What was the problem?" she didn't want to know. And at the end of the day, what were they going to do about it? Probably offer something off our next visit - a next visit definitely isn't going to happen though.
Such a shame. Champneys used to be raising the bar in terms of spa breaks in the UK. Now, they aren't even hitting the bar. From discussions with friends and on Twitter, it seems I'm not the only one feeling this way...prediction = the spas will stop and all effort will go into their product range. They certainly can't compete with what they're offering right now.


  1. When I went just over 3 years ago, I remember no wifi in the rooms except in reception. I don't think I could get a signal!

    There are so many other spas that are far superior and I'm surprised champneys aren't worried. I never went back after my dull and disappointing experience. The bedding was like something out of a hospital!

  2. I've never been to Champneys but I've also heard negative things about it. Have you ever been to a Four Seasons spa hotel? I visited the Hampshire one and it was amazing. I definitely recommend it for a quality spa break!

    1. Ooh I haven't but will definitely check it out! xx