Tuesday, 10 March 2015

February Favourites

This is a little bit late, apologies. Another month down - here is a round up of my top beauty products from February:
First, the new Smoky Poppy range from The Body Shop. Been absolutely loving the new Smoky Poppy perfume - it's a very musky, sexy scent. The lip and cheek stick has also been a perfect multi-tasker.

The Simple Protecting Cream is also fab for those sunny days (love them!) as it has SPF 30 and I'm a big believer in SPF all year round. The Caudalie VinExpert cream is also great, slightly lower SPF but really light and contains a bucketload of beautiful ingredients, including Reversatrol which you find in red wine, hence the 'vin' element! I enjoy drinking red wine, so why not enjoy it on my skin too?!

Next, the new John Frieda Forever Smooth Primer has been incredible. Put some on after your shower and it means that you then don't need much, if any, Frizz Ease once your hair dries. I'd recommend this to all frizz-ravaged locks out there!

Finally, Soap & Glory's The Firminator. After a few months of arms never seeing the light of day, this helps to get rid of those pesky red bumps many people suffer from. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards and don't worry if your arms start tingling - it's working!


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