Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dalmatian Nails with La Roche Posay #SkinChecker

Last week I went to a great event in aid of an amazing cause. La Roche Posay have launched some amazing new SPF 50+ products for dry, sensitive skin (perfect for me) but have also promoted their #SkinChecker campaign with the cutest Dalmatians...

Cute, but with a very serious message behind it - get your moles checked and keep an eye on your loved one's moles - ones on the back often get missed. The new additions to their Athelios range mean you can take better care of your skin whilst still enjoying the sun.
As a quick aside, just how cute are the Dalmatian nails they were offering?!
If you care for someone, look after their spots.
Full reviews of the new Le Roche Posay products to come but I thought this was a worthwhile enough cause for it's own post.

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