Wednesday, 11 March 2015

10 Things to do in March

Isn't this year flying?! Here are my top things to do this month:
1. Spring clean your beauty - chuck out any old make-up, skincare, etc - not only will the ingredients be not as potent, it could be full of bacteria
2. Wash your brushes! In addition to the above, this is the perfect month to get into the habit of washing your make-up brushes every week, especially those you use around your eyes
3. Let skin breathe - the weather is finally getting warmer, so try out a lighter base to allow your skin to breathe a bit more. I always go from a foundation to a tinted moisturiser/BB cream which gives the same coverage but doesn't feel heavy
4. Spring is all about change - change up your hair - whether a small change (you don't all need to pull a Kim K!) or a big colour change, now is the time to experiment. I'm thinking of possibly going blue...eek!
5. Get the skin glowing - no excuse not to get outside now. Try to get out there more, moving around whether full-on running or a gentle stroll, anything will get your blood pumping and give you a bigger glow
6. Fake it - with the weather heating up, more skin is going to be on show. Be less self-conscious with a subtle fake tan. It makes me feel a lot better and more confident but then I am on the pale end of the spectrum!
7. Embrace the clichés - pastel nails, brighter lip...they are such Spring clichés but it is definitely true that as soon as I see the blossom, daffodils, etc I reach for lavender nail polish!
8. Learn new skills - clocks go forward this month, which means more daylight and we feel like we actually have an evening after work. Make the most of it and book into an evening class - languages, cooking (I definitely need to do this one!) or finally learn how to master contouring - there are so many options out there
9. Wear SPF - you might not think the sun is that strong right now, and you probably won't get sunburnt that's true, but the invisible damage the sun can be doing all year round can mean you'll age faster. So please, please, please add SPF into your daily routine.
10. Get girly - it's Mothering Sunday so treat your mum and enjoy some quality time together. Whether super girly or not, there are so many options out there to spend time with your mum and spoil the both of you!

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  1. I am in the process of no.1 and it is killing me because I am a hoarder x