Monday, 30 March 2015

#ManicureMonday - Possibly the Worst One Ever??!

This blog is turning into Christina Rants, which I'm hating but come on, take a look at this so-called 'professional' manicure...

I paid money for this = fuming! I could have done a better job. The only good thing is the colour - I love it. It's OPI Amazon Amazoff, a great teal shade from their Brazil collection.
Next week, I will do my own manicure and it will be 100 times better...grrrrrr

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Why Champneys has lost it...and they don't care

I really hate writing negative blog posts. My blog is called Christina Adores, I like to be positive. However, last weekend I went to Champneys with my mum for some quality mother daughter pampering time. What I expected was pure bliss, great service, quality throughout, and both myself and my mum were bitterly disappointed.
This isn't my first time at Champneys - I've been quite a few times, to different locations, and really enjoyed it. However, this is going back a few years ago, and between then and now they've lost their way.
Examples include no welcome drink which we were promised - minor detail, but if you're promising it, don't not deliver!
Then our bags were brought up to our room...except mine was missing. Waiting for it, a very honest lady from a room a few doors down the corridor knocked on our door asking if we'd lost a bag. It had been placed in their room, when it clearly had our room number labelled on it. My bag had my laptop, camera and other valuables in, so it was lucky she didn't go through my bag. Apparently she had called reception to tell them, but there was no answer so she just came to our room herself. Furious.
Also, wifi is promised 'throughout the building', yet not in our room. I was planning on getting some much-overdue blogging done but that couldn't happen. Again, not good, and reception couldn't care less.
Our shower leaked all over the bathroom floor, the robes were dirty...everything was just a little bit grubby. I wondered to my mum if maybe they're not doing so well financially and can't afford to keep everything to a good standard, but for the price they charge for a stay and for all their treatments, they must be raking it in. No excuse.
On check-out, we were asked if we'd had a nice time, and when we said there were some issues, the only response was, "Shall I get the Duty Manager?". Not "Sorry to hear that" or "What was the problem?" she didn't want to know. And at the end of the day, what were they going to do about it? Probably offer something off our next visit - a next visit definitely isn't going to happen though.
Such a shame. Champneys used to be raising the bar in terms of spa breaks in the UK. Now, they aren't even hitting the bar. From discussions with friends and on Twitter, it seems I'm not the only one feeling this way...prediction = the spas will stop and all effort will go into their product range. They certainly can't compete with what they're offering right now.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Little Superbox

This is my first month subscribed to My Little Box. Beauty boxes are nothing new, but this one stood out to me as they always give something a little extra with their boxes which isn't beauty related. They also have sample sizes of great brands, but in addition to these they make their own brand products.
Every month has a particular theme; for March it is 'My Little Superbox' all about women being amazing!
The beauty products this month includes a beautiful-smelling Caudalie handcream, a Kerastase Lait Cristal mini conditioner and My Little Box's own brand Lips & Cheeks pencil
Overall, a great box that is only £11 a month - well worth it in my opinion! Check out the full details here
One final, awesome message:

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dalmatian Nails with La Roche Posay #SkinChecker

Last week I went to a great event in aid of an amazing cause. La Roche Posay have launched some amazing new SPF 50+ products for dry, sensitive skin (perfect for me) but have also promoted their #SkinChecker campaign with the cutest Dalmatians...

Cute, but with a very serious message behind it - get your moles checked and keep an eye on your loved one's moles - ones on the back often get missed. The new additions to their Athelios range mean you can take better care of your skin whilst still enjoying the sun.
As a quick aside, just how cute are the Dalmatian nails they were offering?!
If you care for someone, look after their spots.
Full reviews of the new Le Roche Posay products to come but I thought this was a worthwhile enough cause for it's own post.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Weekend Away Essentials

So I'm off to Iceland this weekend!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm a little bit excited?
I only have a small suitcase as it's just for 3 nights. My beauty products are important but I can't take everything, so here are the top things I'm taking with me:
Cleanser - I adore Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and I have a mini version complete with muslin cloth. It's an easy decision to pop this in my bag.
Molton Brown shower gel - it smells beautiful, is good quality, luxurious - gorgeous!
The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Lotion - this is still in my drawer from Christmas, but I would love this scent all year round. A small pot is perfect to take away with me.
Then for my skin, I've got a travel size version of ESPA Optimal Skin Serum. I'm in love with this and have the full-size version on my dressing table.
Day and night creams I have chosen are the SAMPAR So Much to Dew day cream which is beautifully light, and the Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream which is quite rich and nourishing - great to soak into my skin after a day out in the cold in Iceland.
Finally, Hawaiian Tropic facial SPF. Might seem a strange choice for a cold holiday but I'm not taking any chances as the sun can still damage my skin.
Oh, and you always have to take an eye mask away with you right?! Maximum sleeping always required on a trip away
What are your essentials when you go away?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

10 Things to do in March

Isn't this year flying?! Here are my top things to do this month:
1. Spring clean your beauty - chuck out any old make-up, skincare, etc - not only will the ingredients be not as potent, it could be full of bacteria
2. Wash your brushes! In addition to the above, this is the perfect month to get into the habit of washing your make-up brushes every week, especially those you use around your eyes
3. Let skin breathe - the weather is finally getting warmer, so try out a lighter base to allow your skin to breathe a bit more. I always go from a foundation to a tinted moisturiser/BB cream which gives the same coverage but doesn't feel heavy
4. Spring is all about change - change up your hair - whether a small change (you don't all need to pull a Kim K!) or a big colour change, now is the time to experiment. I'm thinking of possibly going blue...eek!
5. Get the skin glowing - no excuse not to get outside now. Try to get out there more, moving around whether full-on running or a gentle stroll, anything will get your blood pumping and give you a bigger glow
6. Fake it - with the weather heating up, more skin is going to be on show. Be less self-conscious with a subtle fake tan. It makes me feel a lot better and more confident but then I am on the pale end of the spectrum!
7. Embrace the clichés - pastel nails, brighter lip...they are such Spring clichés but it is definitely true that as soon as I see the blossom, daffodils, etc I reach for lavender nail polish!
8. Learn new skills - clocks go forward this month, which means more daylight and we feel like we actually have an evening after work. Make the most of it and book into an evening class - languages, cooking (I definitely need to do this one!) or finally learn how to master contouring - there are so many options out there
9. Wear SPF - you might not think the sun is that strong right now, and you probably won't get sunburnt that's true, but the invisible damage the sun can be doing all year round can mean you'll age faster. So please, please, please add SPF into your daily routine.
10. Get girly - it's Mothering Sunday so treat your mum and enjoy some quality time together. Whether super girly or not, there are so many options out there to spend time with your mum and spoil the both of you!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

February Favourites

This is a little bit late, apologies. Another month down - here is a round up of my top beauty products from February:
First, the new Smoky Poppy range from The Body Shop. Been absolutely loving the new Smoky Poppy perfume - it's a very musky, sexy scent. The lip and cheek stick has also been a perfect multi-tasker.

The Simple Protecting Cream is also fab for those sunny days (love them!) as it has SPF 30 and I'm a big believer in SPF all year round. The Caudalie VinExpert cream is also great, slightly lower SPF but really light and contains a bucketload of beautiful ingredients, including Reversatrol which you find in red wine, hence the 'vin' element! I enjoy drinking red wine, so why not enjoy it on my skin too?!

Next, the new John Frieda Forever Smooth Primer has been incredible. Put some on after your shower and it means that you then don't need much, if any, Frizz Ease once your hair dries. I'd recommend this to all frizz-ravaged locks out there!

Finally, Soap & Glory's The Firminator. After a few months of arms never seeing the light of day, this helps to get rid of those pesky red bumps many people suffer from. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards and don't worry if your arms start tingling - it's working!


Monday, 9 March 2015

Manicure Monday: Nailberry in Rouge

Sometimes you just need a classic and that is exactly what this week is all about with Nailberry. A new brand to me, it is award-winning, 4-free nail polish. It definitely seems to be something of a trend to have kinder, chemical-free nail polishes - why not if it good enough quality?
This is Nailberry in Rouge, a gorgeous classic red.
It looked wonderful in the sun this weekend! The only thing I wasn't too sure about was the really long brush - found it a little hard to use but it's not something that would put me off getting more Nailberry.
Find out more about the brand here

Monday, 2 March 2015

Manicure Monday: Little Ondine

From the CEW award night last week, I received a bottle of Little Ondine nail polish. Desperate to give it a go, this was the only choice for my nails this week.
Little Ondine contains only natural ingredients - water, resin and pigment. It has zero smell - absolutely nothing which is amazing for a nail polish. Super quick drying too it has it all going on. Plus it comes off easily with a peel-off formula. Great for quick polish changes! Just one thing - no idea what this shade is called as I couldn't find a polish name or number anywhere...
Unfortunately this shade isn't for me. I'm not a huge nude fan at the best of times and I was underwhelmed by this. But love the concept of this polish. You need 2-3 coats but no base coat or top coat required so super easy.
Would love to try different shades of Little Ondine. Find out more about them here