Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pre-London Fashion Week Essentials

So London Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow to show us all the trends and what we have to look forward to for Autumn/Winter 2015. I work backstage at some shows and whilst really exciting and I love the buzz, it is also incredibly full-on with little sleep and quite a lot of stress.
So, to keep feeling and looking tip-top here are some essentials I use in the build up the LFW and during:
Balmi lipbalm - super nourishing and really quick and easy to apply with the little twist pot design. Mine is coconut which is beautiful

Colab Dry Shampoo - I should really have the London scent but this one is New York. The range from top beauty blogger and model, Ruth Crilly, means you can get away with another day of not washing your hair (perfect when you have early starts and late nights) or you just want some extra volume to your look - smells fruity too!
Anti-bac - my best friend. I can't be ill, and with public transport and everyone's germs putting me at risk, I'm anti-bac-ing to the max! I use Cuticura's anti-bac hand serum, which doesn't feel like just pure alcohol and dries out the hands like I've found a lot of them do. This one is alcohol-free and leaves hands moisturised as well as (almost) germ-free.

Berocca - in the same 'I cannot get ill' vein, I also have Berocca on my desk. If I, or any of my team, start to feel a bit under the weather, or low or even just a bit tired, one of these goes into a glass of water to give me all the vitamin goodness

Green juices - I jumped on this bandwagon fairly late but I'm now obsessed. Every morning I make a gorgeous blend of kale, celery, cucumber, almond milk, pineapple and ginger. At this particular time I add as much ginger as I can handle to crank up the bug-beating goodness.


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