Thursday, 5 February 2015

10 Things to do in February

Things to focus on this cold, cold month!
1. Treat yourself. We've made it to January payday, now it's time to pamper yourself. Whether it's a massage, facial, manicure - just do it!

2. Layer up your serums - these are the part of the skincare routine packed full of amazing ingredients. Make the most of them by layering up a couple. I tend to do this when skin is at it's most needy, such as February

3. See red - lips, nails. When we think of February, most instantly think of Valentine's Day. Whether coupled up or not, go with the vibe and embrace red nails or red lips this month

4. Anti-bac - February is a hub of germs. Especially if you use public transport. Steer clear of as many illnesses as possible by popping some anti-bacterial liquid in your handbag

5. Wash your face! The statistic that I saw last month that almost half of women don't wash their face after a night out (more on that here) shocked me. Please do this for the sake of your skin! It's so easy with micellar waters - no excuses

6. Have some me-time - we're in the swing of 2015 now. Life gets crazy. But it's so important to chill out. I use the meditation app Headspace to relax and let the stress go, which I would recommend to all. But really it's whatever works for you

7. Get excited about the new season trends - February = Fashion Month! London Fashion Week starts on the 20th but obviously there are all the other ones too. Can't wait to see the next season beauty trends!

8. Ditch those stupid New Years Resolutions - it's February, stop torturing yourself over any strict diets...anything that's stopping you be happy

9. Get down the gym - it'll be quieter now. Circulation is notoriously worse in Winter so get the blood pumping and a healthy skin glow with hitting the gym

10. Watch 50 Shades of Grey - not a 'beauty' thing but come on, Jamie Dornan!!!! It comes out on 13th Feb, mark it in your diary NOW


  1. Number one - yes yes yes same with number 13 x

  2. I loved reading this! Completely agree with you on red lips. They're perfect for February! x
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  3. Some fab tips, I definitely need to pamper myself more and tip number 1 has just given me the excuse I needed to go out and buy the beauty products that I have been lusting over :) xx