Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Wash Your Frigging Face!!

A couple of weeks ago I was invite to the Simple #aboutface event. It was all about highlighting how December is all about enjoying yourself, January is about giving your skin some loving.
Some stats shocked me - almost half (48%) of women forget to take their make up off after a night out. Whaaaat?!?
So bad for your skin. I've always, even when after a really heavy night, taken my make up off. Usually not particularly thoroughly, but even just a face wipe will allow your skin to breathe and repair itself over night. Micellar waters are really quick and easy - there is no excuse. And you'll only be damaging your skin and making it worse by not removing the make-up, dirt and grime that builds up.

This time of year is even worse with the harsh weather, making many people's skin, mine included, very sensitive. Here's where Simple steps in with their gentle yet effective skincare range. I'll be testing out some products and seeing if my sensitivity gets any better, but for now I needed to tell you to wash your frigging face!
So please pleeeeease wash your face after a night out, for the love of your skin!!

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