Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Trend - Bouncy Beauty

Texture is a key word for 2015.
Cushion foundations, bouncy skincare...the ingredients are nothing new but the formulas are something special.
I was sent the new Body Shop Bouncy Sleep Mask (full review coming soon) and the texture is...odd. Not horrible, but just unusual. You really want to poke it. Called 'memory shape texture' it's taking memory foam into beauty!
And why not? Just the name conjures up visions of youthful, plump skin. A Korean trend, bounce balms are perhaps the next 'BB creams'! They are all about moisturisation on another level. Heavily moisturising, yet super light - there's something space age about them. And plenty more 'Western' brands are sure to be hot on the heels of The Body Shop.
Next up, cushion foundations. Coming from Asia (where else?!), this is where foundation is soaked into a sponge and you use another sponge to apply it. Apparently very popular out East, but why? The texture I tell you.
Apparently it makes the application incredibly light and very easily buildable. Also it allows for broad spectrum SPF to be added into the formula. Hello SPF 50 foundation that is also weightless!!! I am TOO excited about this. All the big brands are said to be launching cushion foundations later this year...stay tuned.
So bouncy textures are going to be huge this year. Skincare, foundations, Shu Uemura even has bouncy eyeshadows! Embrace the bounce people...


  1. Cushion foundations sound very intriguing - will be excited to see these!

    Beccy || Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. OOh now it does sound intriguing x

  3. I'm just trying out this Drops of Youth Sleeping Mask too. Think it takes a bit of getting used to x
    Laura | A Life With Frills