Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bouncy Beauty Reviewed - The Body Shop's Sleeping Mask

Last week I posted about how 'bouncy' beauty is set to be big for 2015. Texture is key. The first brand to produce something like this and get me excited for what's to come is The Body Shop.
Part of their 'Drops of Youth' range, the Bouncy Sleeping Mask isn't really a mask in the traditional sense. It's more of an added moisturiser, the final step in your skincare routine at night. You don't have to wash it off making it super easy to use.
Packed full of Edelweiss stem cells and various oils, it deeply replenishes the skin whilst you sleep. But this trend isn't really about the ingredients - there's nothing new there. What is though is the 'bouncy' element.
Anyone remember Gak?! It reminds me of that. Except with skin goodness thrown in. When you open up the pot it's a perfectly flat tub of white goo.
Breaking through the surface can be a little tricky, which shows the strength of it's 'memory foam' texture! You don't need a lot of this stuff. When I was first trying it, I found it sticky on my face and taking a while to sink in but I think this is because I was using too much.
I've noticed a marked improvement in how moisturised my skin feels, which in this weather is much needed. It locks in all the moisture, and also the serum you apply beforehand so that the only way for the products to go is into your skin. Whether the bouncy texture element is a real innovation or a gimmick, I don't really care - I'm enjoying it and the results speak for themselves.
A winner. It is £22 in stores and online now
*PR sample

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  1. I've just got this - look forward to seeing good results like yours *fingers crossed* xx

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