Monday, 19 January 2015

Best Nail Care Products

Unfortunately my nails are going through a rough time at the moment so they are definitely not photo-ready! Instead of nail polish, here are my top products for getting nails back to a healthy state. This weather is no good for them!
Nail Oil - Dr. LeWinn's Nourishing Oil
Didn't really think an oil could do too much but this has to be my number one nailcare product. I have this at home and work and try to rub this into my nails and cuticles as much as possible. It really does help, especially when skin is particularly dry this time of year. £9.35 from Feel Unique
Hand Cream - The Body Shop Absinthe Hand Cream
Again, another home and work essential. Really thick yet not sticky, it's gorgeous. Who knew absinthe was good for skin as well as for drinking. Treat yourself, it's only £5! In stores and online
Nail file - Stylfile
Not one for a gimmick but I do love this, it's so simple and easy. Plus it means you can't go too crazy with a nail file and saw them to death like I've seen so many people do! Check out the full range here
These are the top products I'll be using constantly this week to get my nails back to being pretty enough to be photographed!
What are your top nail care products?

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