Wednesday, 21 January 2015

10 Things to do in January

1. Moisturise! Even for you oily skin folk out there, your skin will be working overtime to keep itself healthy. Going from hot and cold back to hot confuses the skin and means moisture levels run very low. Apply a richer night cream if you have one.
2. Exfoliate - this goes hand in hand with point number 1. No point moisturising dead skin! I prefer acid exfoliators to grainy ones - less likely to be too abrasive on my skin.
3. Protect again the elements - that wind is damaging. And unless you wear a balaclava (not a great look and people could mistake you for a bank robber) you'll have to find some other way to try to stop it whipping away at your skin. 8 Hour Cream (or something similar) is your friend here. Apply every day.
4. Lipbalm, but not too much. Another lovely thing this weather does is make lips crazy dry. But lips don't have any way to making their own moisture so we have to give them some help. I find the best ones, the ones that actually do something, contain lanolin. Lanolips, Dr. Lipp, etc - they would be my recommendations. Don't get obsessive over it though, there's a lot of evidence that you can get addicted to lipbalm and therefore need more just because you've used so much of it.
5. Keep feet looking good. It's so easy to forget about them - covered in tights, socks, boots - nobody sees them. But when that first sandal day comes (sooner than you think) you'll be quickly trying to get rid of chipped polish, hard skin, long toenails...eewwwww! Don't forget your feet this month.
6. Sleep - I'm a massive advocate of hibernation. But unfortunately we have to make a living so it's not really possible :-( Instead, make the most of the dark, long nights and for God's sake turn off Netflix and go to sleep!
7. Dry January...if you can. I'm not doing this, so I can't really talk, but alcohol is essentially a poison and one that wreaks havoc on your skin so if you can take this month off do it. You've got better willpower than me...
8. Masks - similar to point number 1 but on a more intensive level. Face masks, hair masks, even hand/feet masks - set aside a time each week, I find Sunday evenings a good pampering sess. Best to do when nobody else is in so you won't scare anyone!
9. Sparkly nail polish - probably the last month you can get away with this. Make the most of it, before pastels start taking over.
10. Stick to your New Year's resolutions. Whether this is getting down the gym, eating healthy, stopping smoking - most resolutions help your skin, hair and nails get healthy too so don't give up.

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  1. I love this list Christina and it is a reminder that I need to exfoliate more. That's tonight sorted then!

    Beccy || Bluebell & Bumpkin