Thursday, 19 November 2015

Not on the High Street Christmas

It's time to start thinking about Christmas, and I was lucky enough to go to Not on the High Street's Christmas event a few months ago. I love Not on the High Street - I want to give presents that are a bit unusual, a bit different, can be personalised, and that's exactly what NOTHS gives you. A Christmas less ordinary indeed...
Top finds include these yummy alcoholic sweets - perfect for a child at heart yet over the legal drinking age! By Smith & Sinclair, I would love to receive these cocktail pastilles. Just £16.95, check them out here.
I also fell in love with the waterless dinosaur 'air plants' - perfect for someone like me who struggles to keep normal plants alive!
You just need to spritz it with water every now and then - super low maintenance! Plus looks kinda cool as a dinosaur, no?! There are lots of different dinosaurs to choose from - see here!
There are so many present ideas from Not on the High Street that I could have gone on and on but these just whet your appetite - go take a look at their website to get inspired.
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Monday, 16 November 2015

NEW Metallic Balmi

Well doesn't this look beautiful?!
This is lip balm season, and Balmi is so convenient as well as moisturising it's a great balm to have with you at all times. This one also looks so good!
This is cherry flavoured. Also within their new metallic range are a roseberry and a blackcurrant balm, so pick which you like best. They are only £4.99 and one lasts you aaaages! It also contains SPF 15 (still very important even at this time of year).
Available now at Boots, Superdrug and Urban Outfitters - give Balmi a go!
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Thursday, 12 November 2015

My Little Creative Box

A little delayed on showing you this but here is the latest My Little Box, all about creativity.
As always, a really exciting box from My Little Box. A very handy tote bag - collect moments not things - so true! Plus so 'tech jewellery' to jazz up your headphones. This is what I really love about My Little Box, you get things you've never heard of before or even thought of!
Beauty-wise, there is a lovely night cream from their own label, My Little Beauty called Crème de Minuit, plus a day cream from Talika - I've heard of this brand but have never tried anything from them before. Plus a gorgeous smelling oil from Ainy that can be used on skin, hair, nails...everywhere. Really great for this time of year when everything feels dry!
Already looking forward to the next box...

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

I Love...New Launches!

I really do love new launches...but here are the new launches from I Love...!
Does this brand just know what I need right now?! I up the number of baths I have this time of year as it gets darker and colder, plus I need hand sanitiser from all the germs that are going around at the moment!
The Pink Marshmallow bubble bath in particular is gorgeous. Lots of bubbles, sweet but not overly sweet, just perfect. I've tried the Coconut & Cream before so I know I love that one, but still to test out Peachy Passionfruit - something tells me it's going to be good though!
The new launches are I love...Saved By the Gel (see what they did there?!). I have the Strawberries and Cream and Coconut and Cream ones, but there are also Raspberry and Blackberry and Mango and Papaya. Plus they're only £1.25.
Most anti-bacs smell awful of pure alcohol, so these are great. A hint of their scent is all that's needed, otherwise it would be too overpowering. They also have jojoba esters which means they don't dry out your skin. Perfect for handbags, I carry one around with me to quickly cleanse after public transport!
Check them out on their website and at Superdrug.
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Monday, 9 November 2015

bareMinerals Precious Gems Pop of Passion

It's November so time to start thinking about Christmas presents right?! And this amazing giftset from bareMinerals would be great for anyone who loves a bit of lippy.
Three lovely tinted lip oil-balms are inside.
From top to bottom here we have Plumberry Pop, Nude Passion and Pink Passion. You can see there are more hints of colour rather than anything more pigmented, but really moisturising and nourishing, hence why they call them oil-balms.
bareMinerals have plenty of special Christmas sets on offer this year. This one is £25 with a value of £48. See more here.
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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

AW15: Nude v. Berry Lips

This AW15 season there are two clear trends lips-wise - either go natural or go wine. I'm really conflicted on which look I prefer, but realised there are pros and cons to both, and the pros of one are the cons of the other - so time to go head to head...
Nude Lips

  • First and foremost this is an easy look. Low maintenance, no need for constant reapplying.
  • It can make lips look bigger if you get the shade spot on!
  • Subtle yet sophisticated, if my eyes are quite made up, a nude lip just completes everything. I love applying my Burberry Sepia lipstick before a meeting (see about that here) - plus you can even apply without having a mirror in front of you.
  • No lippie on teeth embarrassment!
Berry/Wine Lips

  • Sexy! No doubt about it, this look is very seductive.
  • A power lip statement gives you confidence. Whether for an interview, a date, a selfie, a berry lip makes you feel ready for anything!
  • Easy - not in terms of needing to reapply throughout your day, but very quick to create a look rather than spend ages blending a smoky eye for example.
  • Makes teeth look whiter - always good!
Which do you prefer?

Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn Survival

I've been trying to ignore it but it is most definitely Autumn now. Mornings are horrendously dark, evenings are chilly, and with the clocks going back we're on the downhill to colder and's how I'm going to get through this season.
I think I'm naturally quite a cold person, especially my hands and feet. Bed socks, though not very sexy at all, are a must for me. Vests, jumpers, coats, scarves, gloves, etc, etc are needed. And layers are great when you then get into the office and the heating is on full blast.

Hot Drinks
I'm a bit of a tea-aholic all year round but especially when it's colder outside. However I tend to up my hot drink repertoire this time of year, throwing some hot chocolate into the mix, and I do love a chai tea latte. Being one of those people who doesn't like coffee, I use all types of tea to keep me warm and get me going in the mornings!

Lip Balm
Go for one that is natural, isn't full of petroleum, and you can then use it for all types of dry skin. This is the time of year you notice a lot more people putting lip balm on due to the cold, wind and going from hot to cold and back again. I also notice my cuticles, knuckles, and elbows also becoming dry so a multi-purpose balm is a Godsend right now.

As soon as I'm in my flat, my aim is to get on the sofa under a blanket in record time. I even have one you can plug in so it heats up - pure bliss! There's something so lovely about being cosy, especially when it's terrible weather outside which I'm sure is on it's way...invest in a blanket now.

Nourishing Skincare
Up the richness of your skincare even if you have oily skin. Anything with Hyaluronic Acid I love as it is super light but hydrates unlike anything else. Look after your skin, it's about to be put through a lot. Sunday evenings spent with face masks are always good, and don't forget about your hands and feet. Just because your feet are wrapped up, doesn't mean they don't need some love!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Introducing Mary Kay...

Recently I went to the most beautiful Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at The Sanderson to discover the Mary Kay beauty range. To be honest I hadn't heard of the brand before so I was very intrigued. And boy do they have everything you could possibly want!
I would say they are very similar to Avon, in that they have a catalogue of their products and one of their representatives will take your order and then deliver your goodies to you. They are huge in the rest of the world (no.1 in China!) but haven't focused too much on the UK. Until now!
Obviously I need to give it some time to try these products properly but here is a look at just a selection of what Mary Kay offers...
Cityscape is their new collection which launched Friday. First observation - the perfume hardly fades at all. This is one you will keep smelling throughout the day! It is fruity and floral so not to everyone's taste but I'm liking it. The Shower Gel and Dry Oil are not so heavily fragranced but really luxurious...full review to come.
Gorgeous nail polishes and lipsticks I cannot wait to try! Nail polishes are £9 each and the lipsticks are £12 each.
Also, stunning eyeshadow palettes! And just £16.
Much more to report...stay tuned. In the meantime check out the full Mary Kay offering here.
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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Pixi Skincare!

I have been trying the new Pixi skincare range for a few weeks now. And I can truly say it is a beautiful range. Packed full of gorgeous ingredients, here are my faves from the extensive product list...
The Hydrating Milky Mist is gorgeous. I use it to finish off a look and spritz my face before heading out. It has inside it my favourite ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, which deeply hydrates. Perfect. It is £18 from their website and stores.
I think this is the star of the show though. Their H2O Skindrink is the one for those of you with dry skin like myself. You just need one pump of this and it is so feather-light yet silky and luxurious. They call it 'thirsty skin relief in a tube' and that sums it up perfectly - even better when popped in the fridge! So, SO good. This is £24 and definitely worth it.
Both amazing, both good value and packed full of high quality ingredients. Go check them and all the range here.
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Monday, 12 October 2015

What is Pink Parcel?

At a recent bloggers lounge, I came across Pink Parcel. I was intrigued as to what it was...and discovered a period 'beauty box'. At first I wasn't convinced but they gave me one to take home and I actually think this could be the most ingenious idea!
So inside your Pink Parcel you have plenty of tampons (or pads, you choose what you prefer, and can even decide the brand you want as well), plus a little treat box which is exactly what you need to put a smile on your face during that time of the month.
This month's box 'for you' contains some crackers, especially the Doisy & Dam chocolate (a must for that time of the month!), plus OPI nail varnish, L'Oreal mascara, a lovely Pukka detox tea and a sample of the new Elizabeth Arden serum.
Also included in the box 'for down there' is this SASS Intimate Cleanser...I'm not sure about this but will give it a go and see!
All in all, for the £12.99 you pay for each month's Pink Parcel, it is excellent value. You get so many tampons inside, plus all the goodies from very high quality brands, that I reckon you actually save money by doing this. Plus it means you start to enjoy when your period is due! If you're going to go for a beauty box, why not one that also gives you sanitary products you would buy anyway?
How it works is simply go to, select your preferences, the best delivery date and that's it. I'm excited to see what's in the next box.
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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Competition time! WIN A Topshop Lipstick

Today on Twitter and Instagram @christinaadores I'm giving away this gorgeous Topshop lipstick that is a perfect berry shade in time for Autumn/Winter! It's called Inhibition, and only been swatched a couple of times.
Go check it out and good luck!

P.S. UK residents only

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Stila Eyes are the Window Shadow Palette

Is this just the most beautiful palette ever?! I also just love the spirituality of it. To quote Stila, "inspired by the spiritual notion that true beauty is revealed from within, this luxurious palette is curated with 12 sumptuous shades to illuminate your inner beauty." How much you believe that, you can't deny it's full of great, wearable shades you can keep subtle or smoke up.
And here are the shades swatched, first column down is Brilliance, Imagination, Genius, Understanding; second column Instinct, Observation, Wit, Perception, and third column down has Reason, Thinker, Creativity and Intellect.
The texture is really soft and easily blendable and I would wear every one of these shades. Often in a palette you have at least one shade that's not really you, but here there are lots of different looks I can create with every shade!
This is the 'mind' palette, there are also body, spirit and soul. They are just £30 each, check them out here.
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Monday, 5 October 2015

September Favourites

Lots here that I'm sad have ended and will need to re-buy!
First up, as the nights draw in and the evenings get slightly chillier, I'm all about a lovely hot bubble bath. The I love...Coconut & Cream bubble bath is super bubbly and smells amazing, everything you could need in a bubble bath. I love anything coconut-ty so this is bliss for me, find out more about it here.
Next is the Grown Alchemist Detox Serum Antioxidant +3, which I've been using as my daytime serum for the past month or so. Packed full of antioxidants, it targets free radicals to detoxify the skin and leave it looking and feeling healthy. I love it, plus Grown Alchemist's packaging is perfect - what you want to have on your bedside table! It's £39 from their website.
That has been my day serum, and then I've been using La Roche Posay Redermic R as a night serum a few nights a week. A retinol product, you only use in small doses as that's all the skin needs. Retinol is widely regarded as one of the best ingredients to combat ageing e.g. dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, etc. This is a brilliant product and isn't too tough on skin as my skin is quite sensitive but it didn't tingle at all. Currently on offer at Boots!
Next, something I have been absolutely loving in the new By Terry Light Expert Click Brush. This has quickly become an absolute handbag essential. See my full review here. It's absolutely perfect to freshen up make-up after work or to use as a light base over the weekend when I don't want anything too heavy on my skin - a dream!
Finally, Maybelline's Baby Lips Dr. Rescue has been incredible as the weather changes and my lips are always dry. Super hydrating but not sticky, it's definitely something I will keep using as the weather gets colder. And only £3.49 at Boots.
What have you been loving this past month?

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My Little Fashion Box - September's My Little Box

Another good box from My Little Box this month!
Inside is this beautiful scarf:
Perfect for this slightly chillier weather! Now for the beauty...
Gorgeous nail decals which I'm excited to try plus a Kerastase blowdry gel and La Roche Posay BB Cream plus a My Little Beauty lipstain.
Really pigmented! Another cracking box, I'm already excited to see what October's will be all about.