Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Only Fingers and Toes

Last night I attended an incredible event for luxury nail polish brand, Only Fingers and Toes (OFAT).
First up, their amazing gift sets. Pricey mind you (the two-tier 24 polish set is £275), but absolutely gorgeous, and now I've tried the polish, worth every penny. They are also '5-free' - basically free from all nasty ingredients.
Next up, and perhaps the most exciting, was the nail polish mixing station. Choose a nail polish, more than one if you're feeling experimental, some glitter and they will mix it for you for the manicurists to apply professionally. Some may say too much choice - over 60 shades!
I changed my mind every couple of minutes, but I finally settled on a pearly grey shade called Mad Max with a blue-grey glitter on my accent nail.
Stunning. The best thing? This is a one-coater. Absolutely no need for two coats which shows the quality and also makes a mani super speedy. I'm very impressed.
Finally, a nail red carpet - I couldn't resist. A great event for an incredibly exciting brand. Check them out!
Only Fingers and Toes are £16 a polish, available from Harvey Nichols.


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