Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Top Skin Tips

Recently quite a few people have commented on my skin. Whilst being slightly embarrassing, it is also really flattering. So I thought I would share my top tips for having the best skin possible. I obviously don't stick to just one product as I'm always trying new things, but I must be doing something right. I guess I have good habits and some knowledge of ingredients. So here goes...
  • Always, always, ALWAYS take your make-up off! This is something I've always stuck to, even when I've been exhausted or really drunk, I've taken the couple of minutes to remove any make-up and dirt. Let your skin breathe and recover overnight.

  • Having said that, I used to always use face wipes to remove make-up at the end of the day which is obviously super speedy but quite a bad way to do it. Since discovering Bioderma I haven't looked back. Micellar waters are just as quick as facewipes but gentler. I don't advocate Bioderma in particular, there are lots of micellar waters out there so give them a go.

  • Use a toner. Again, this is quite a new thing for me. I used toner back in the 90s and the alcohol content just dried out my skin so badly, I had a decade of shunning it. Then I was encouraged to try the newest wave of toners which are a lot kinder to the skin, yet bring the skin to the correct pH balance to allow the serum, etc you put on afterwards to work as effectively as possible. We spend so much on serums, moisturisers, etc and if you don't use a toner they don't give you the best results possible as they are not working at the pH of the skin they are supposed to be in. It makes sense.

  • Apply eye cream on your eyelids and out towards your hairline, as well as underneath your eyes. I remember reading in a magazine years ago how one woman's beauty regret was not applying her eye cream on her eyelids. This part of the face can sag from quite an early age so it makes sense to apply it here. Similarly, make sure you put some outwards where crows feet start to show. Those first little lines are quite traumatic to see!

  • Layer serums. My skin has a lot of needs. It's dry, sensitive, ageing, pigmented, dull - the list goes on. I have yet to find just one serum that will do it all. So I use two serums at once. One for the dryness and dullness and one for anti-ageing - double whammy!

  • Facial oils are wondrous but don't apply too much. Even if you have oily skin, use facial oils. They are packed full of goodness for the skin. However, when I first used one I used far too much which gave me spots. Nothing to do with the product, all to do with me thinking a couple of drops wasn't enough. It really is, as the product is so concentrated. This also means it lasts longer - bonus.

  • Exfoliate! My skin is sensitive so the real grainy exfoliators are too harsh for me but the acid exfoliators are my most favourite things in the world. Gentle yet effective, look for products with AHAs and fruit acids to essentially melt away old skin so you glow.

  • Sleep. I value my sleep so much. I had a period of terrible insomnia and as well as having the dark circles under my eyes most people associate with tiredness, my skin was also very sallow, I was breaking out in spots which is very rare for me normally, and my skin was even more sensitive. Horrible. Then you cake yourself in make-up to hide it all which then makes your skin worse. Just sleep more!

  • Water. I know this is said a lot and is nothing new but I do drink a lot of water. I carry water with me everywhere I go and I definitely think it helps keep my skin clear and glowing.
So I think that's all my skin wisdom! I'd love to hear your top skin tips so please share.

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