Friday, 11 July 2014

Hot and Not

Christian Louboutin Beaute - launching imminently, this is going to cause quite a stir. At crazy prices (£36 for a nail polish) it won't be affordable for everyone but I'm sure it will still sell out
Hydraluron Moisture Jelly - I am obsessed with the original hydraluron serum so when I saw this on Twitter I almost squealed with delight! Launched into Boots this week at £24.99, it is a moisturiser in a jelly texture and I just cannot wait to try it. It's on special offer at the moment at Boots...too tempting
Glossybox Stars and Stripes - launching today, Glossybox 'Stars and Stripes' has the very best American products such as the much-loved Tarte. Only £10 too - bargain!
Cosmo Beauty Awards - the nominees announced this week caused a bit of a stir on Twitter, as two of them were involved in the Guru Gossip scandal where they slated other bloggers online. Not cool.
Ginger Hair No More? - new this week stated that climate change could cause the ginger gene to die out. The warmer weather means the gene isn't produced as much (disclaimer: I'm not really sure about the science behind this statement!) and whilst I'm not a massive fan of red hair it would be such a shame to see it disappear. Thank god for hair dye!
L'Oreal's New Girl - the Belgium cutie spotted at The World Cup was instantly signed up by L'Oreal (creating a lot of news stories in the process. Not cynical at all...) but it could all backfire when it was announced she is a massive game hunter. Oops
What do you think of the beauty news from the week?

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  1. I am looking forward to my Glossybox this month and how much for a nail polish ouch! I also want the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly xx