Friday, 4 July 2014

Hot and Not

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid - so the original Black Orchid is an incredible scent which I just love so when I saw people tweeting about the newest perfume from Tom Ford, Velvet Orchid, I got very excited! An oriental floral scent, it will be available later this month, prepare for a stampede...

WAH Nails Products - I've loved WAH nails for a while now - they did me Union Jack nails for the Olympics, and this week they announced they are launching a product line in Autumn. Not just any product line - 60 products! Amazing.

British Beauty Blogger Make Up Range - so exciting! The original beauty blogger is launching her own make-up range in M&S, launching 9th October. With her incredibly extensive knowledge and expertise I'm expecting great things!


Space(NK) - Nicky Kinnaird, the founder of SpaceNK, announced this week she is stepping down from the company. I was really shocked by this, she has been so involved throughout all the years, her name is part of the brand, but I suppose she will have received a huge amount of money so good for her.

Never Underdressed Closes - another one bites the dust. This week the plug was pulled on Never Underdressed. Quite brutal, the announcement came in the morning, the website was no more by the afternoon. RIP.

Call the Midwife beauty range - errrrrrrrr, I don't really know what to say about this except - WHO is going to buy it???!

As always, let me know if you think it's been a Hot or a Not week for beauty news,

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