Saturday, 14 June 2014

Events of the Week - Paul & Joe and Rituals

This week I've been invited to some great events which I wanted to share with you.
First up, Paul & Joe with the amazing make-up artist Craig Ryan French.
It was a make-up masterclass using all the new Paul & Joe summer collection. Paul & Joe is known for having the prettiest products and this range is no exception - the Ice Cream collection is be-au-tiful!
The best tip I learnt? Highlighting your brow bone will add 10 years to your face. OMG, I always thought it added radiance but no, as women age their brow bone becomes more pronounced and that is what you're doing if you add highlighter there...stop doing it NOW!
Next up, Rituals summer evening to launch their new White Lotus and Bergamot range.
Turned out we were giving flower arranging a go! I absolutely loved it.
Here mine before...
And after!
What do you think? Have I missed my calling?!
Full product reviews to come...

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  1. Looks fun! I quite like your flower arrangement! :) I look forward to product reviews. xo