Tuesday, 6 May 2014

NOTW: Boutique Away With the Fairies and Nails Inc Sloane Street

This week I decided to attempt a little bit of nail art. I initially painted my nails in just Boutique's Away With the Fairies and then decided it needed a little something extra… 

Away with the Fairies is exactly what you think it would be - a shimmery, dreamy nude that is just beautiful. However, even with two coats I could still see the difference between my nail bed and tips which I didn't really like. So I decided to paint the tips in a neon pink courtesy of Nails Inc Sloane Street.

Sloane Street is a hot neon pink that is in the Nails Inc SS14 collection and I think it's a great contrast from the shimmery nude.

My hand isn't very steady so up close the tips don't look great but they're fine from afar! Here are my nails in the sun this weekend…

I'm very pleased with them. I've had to retouch the tips a bit over the weekend but that's to be expected. I may become more confident with nail art over the upcoming weeks!

Let me know what you think,


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