Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Top Three Beauty Fools

As it's April Fool's Day I thought I would share my Top Three 'Beauty Fools' for you today

Toner will strip away all the goodness from your skin - I used to think this from bad experiences I had of alcohol-based toners stinging my skin and leaving it dry and raw. Toners of today though are a lot gentler and bring your skin back to its correct pH so that all the serums, moisturisers, etc you pop on will work the best it can

I like: The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner £8 - get it here

Exfoliating will get rid of your tan - this all depends on when you exfoliate. If you have a good routine of once or twice a week, especially before you jet off on hols, then all the new skin cells will be at the top and will be the ones getting tanned. I then tend to gently exfoliate maybe once a week after that to keep skin healthy and looking radiant, without fading your tan

I like: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush £8 - get it here

Face wipes are good enough to cleanse your skin - unfortunately I've been thinking this 'beauty fool' for a long time til I started to avidly read skincare guru, Caroline Hirons, and realised the importance of cleansing. For me, face wipes were so quick and easy, especially when I was knackered in the evening and just wanted to go to bed. However, wipes aren't as thorough, effective or gentle enough for most of us. They don't remove most of the dirt and grime on your skin and can irritate sensitive skin. Best to steer clear and use proper cleansers

I like: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - a classic! £13.25 for 100ml here

What are your Beauty Fools?


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