Friday, 11 April 2014

Hot and Not

Enjoy! As always, let me know your thoughts… 


KIKO Life in Rio Collection - this makes me want summer to hurry up even more! Launching this week, I particularly like the look of the blusher/highlighter combo and those nail polishes…take me back to Rio!

NARS Summer Collection - the news this week has been all about summer make-up collections. Another pretty picture, another load of products I want immediately. This collection launches 1st May...

Ciate Shell Manicure - I saw this at a summer press show yesterday and think it looks incredible for summer - can't wait to try! An extension of their caviar, sequin, chalkboard, etc etc manicures, Ciate are always first for nail innovation. It will launch exclusively in Selfridges, I expect lots of other brands will copy


Underarm hair - if you feel the need to prove your 'feminism' or 'equality' by not shaving, then fine. Just don't put it in my face, like this photography exhibition did this week. I think us women can be strong and independent and *still* shave our armpits!!

Veet Advert - having said that, even with hairy armpits these women are still most definitely women. Not men, like the Veet 'Don't Risk Dudeness' ad suggested this week. The thing that gets me about this is so many people will have had to sign off on the advert, and nobody thought, 'hang on, these might be pushing things a bit far!'

CC Cream for Hair - I'm sure this product is wonderful. My issue is calling it a CC cream. It won't be 'complexion correcting' will it?! It's a multi-purpose complete care cream. Great, just don't call it a CC cream!


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