Friday, 4 April 2014

Hot and Not

No 'Not' this week, as I couldn't find any news this week that I hated and there's no point looking for bad things! All good this week...


Lush Kitchen - I've been getting teaser emails and seeing tweets about this for a while so finally Lush let us know what it was all about this week. Lush Kitchen will create small amounts of limited edition products, exclusively to buy online. Check out what goodies they have made so far here

Models Own Polish for Tans Collection - you know those bikinis that are in a particular colour just seem to make people look more tanned? Well Models Own have taken these and made them into a full nail polish collection. Gorgeous, plus they make me even more excited for summer to start. Get the fake tan on now! They launch in Superdrug on the 9th April, £5 each

Wild Touche Eclat - a handbag essential of mine, I've loved Touche Eclat for its instant brightening and anti-ageing properties for years! Now they have launched this limited edition version in a funky animal print design. Maybe only for the true hardcore Touche Eclat fans, but I love it! Get it here for £25 whilst stocks last

As always, let me know what you think!


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