Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My April Empties

It's very unusual that I actually finish a beauty product before moving on to the next one, but this month I've finished three!

First up is The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. This is my favourite product of the year so far. I absolutely adore it. It just melts away make-up and dirt and grime effectively without the need for any harsh scrubbing. Having dry skin, the butter texture also deeply moisturised and didn't leave my skin feeling tight. 

If it's rare for me to finish a product, it's unheard of for me to scrape every last bit out of the tin - shows how much I love it!

This is £12, check it out here

Next up, REN's Hydra-Calm Youth Defence Serum… 

A brand I absolutely love, this serum is specifically for sensitive skin. I bought this back in the Winter and definitely needed it when those horrible winds were battering my skin. Hylaronic Acid (one of my faves!) deeply moisturises skin, whilst Milk Polypeptide and other goodies soothe and calm any redness or irritation. It is £38, take a look here

Finally, Love Your Skin Collagen Body Moisturising Gel which I received at the CEW demonstration evening along with The Body Shop Cleansing Butter

This is so light and not sticky at all, I loved the texture. A little goes a long, long way too. As well as Collagen it also has Aloe Vera and Evening Primrose packed inside too.

I loved using this product and am quite sad that I've finished it all. I think it would be great for the summer, especially on a little 'sun sore' skin with the added Aloe Vera. This is £16.99 from here

Have you tried any of these? What did you think? What have you used up this month?


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

NOTW: Nails Inc Little George Street

Another nail polish from the Nails Inc Spring/Summer 2014 collection. This time a gorgeous pastel blue called Little George Street, perhaps in honour of baby Prince George!

I'm majorly into pastels at the moment (it being Spring and all!) and I've always loved blue nails so I knew I'd love it. Two coats is all you need

Unfortunately this chips like a mo-fo. Even with base and top coat. It lasted just over a day before I had to take it off. Really disappointing. 

So verdict is - great colour, poor quality. Shame.


Friday, 25 April 2014

Hot and Not


Models Own Nail Art Kit - finally nail art will be easy! On the 3rd May Models Own are launching this kit which includes various brushes, nail dotting tools and tape. I'm awful at nail art but would love to try so I'll be buying this, fancy nails will be mine! Plus it's only £8

Jourdan Dunn for Maybelline - I LOVE her! I remember seeing her on a chat show and she was so 'normal' as well, which made me love her even more. A great signing for Maybelline. Her debut will come in an advert later this month...

Superdrug Beauty Studio - Superdrug is 50 years old this year and so many brands have supported this with special limited edition products. They had a big party to celebrate this week and announced a very exciting new beauty studio which will have hairdressing, etc. Sounds fantastic!


Cameron Diaz - she announced this week she hasn't worn deodorant for 20 whole years! Bizarre. She believes that it actually keeps the smell in…not sure about that one Cameron and I wouldn't want to be near you when you're working out!

Kardashians Settle Lawsuit Over Khroma Beauty - on Wednesday it was announced a settlement has been finalised over the dispute with their make-up line. You would have thought they would check whether anyone else had Khroma Beauty as a brand name before launching theirs! Would have saved them a reputed $10million…

Google Plus - does ANYONE get it??? I've been trying to get my head around it this week, and slightly baffled

What do you think? Has it been a Hot or Not week for beauty?


Thursday, 24 April 2014

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology

I don't like to write negative posts, hence why my blog is called Christina Adores and not Christina Love and Hate! But sometimes there are products that I just really dislike and need to share.

I'm going against a lot of other bloggers who have raved about these new products from L'Oreal but both my mum and I didn't like them at all. L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology is all about giving you thicker hair. As someone with fine hair, anything which says it can give me more volume and the look of thicker hair  I get very excited about.

The range has had 17 years of research behind it. 17! It also includes a patented technology for an active ingredient which creates thick hair. All sounds amazing right?

Wrong. This, if anything, made my hair a lot flatter. I also needed to wash my hair more often as it got very greasy very quickly. I gave it a few goes as I thought maybe it was a one-off or my hair just needs to get used to it but no - every time I had to then dry shampoo to try to get a little bit of volume in my hair and soak up the greasiness.

Not a fan. I've been using LA Science for years to thicken the look of my hair and this is something to recommend. Find out more about that here. Sorry L'Oreal, your 17 years of research didn't work for me…

Have you tried it? Did it work for you?


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

NOTW: Essie DJ Play That Song

Oh what a beaut! This week's nails are bold and vibrant courtesy of essie.

DJ Play That Song is a neon purple, perfect for the sunshine. It has a wide brush which made applying it super easy - two strokes per nail and you're done. Two coats builds very nicely and it's lasted since Saturday very well.

It jazzes up any outfit. Don't wear this if you don't want your nails to get noticed! I'm in love with it.

£7.99 check it out here


*PR sample

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Latest Press Days - What's New for Summer!

Here's a little round-up of the latest press days I've been to:

First up, Debenhams! I was greeted by a huge deckchair which I had to go sit on, then up the lift to be welcomed by a massive ice cream - hello summer!

So many lovely products for summer. Here are my faves. The Too Faced bronzer and blusher, so beautiful:

Clarins Colour of Brazil Collection - a non-sparkly (yay!) bronzer - just a touch of shimmer to illuminate, plus the gorgeous compact - that blue eyeshadow - WANT!

Plus I finally got to see the much talked about Urban Decay Electric palette. I'm more of a neutral girl (loved Naked 2 palette) but for summer this would create some gorgeous looks

As a nail polish addict, I was immediately drawn to these polishes in sand buckets. The new gel collection from Nails Inc and Essie Summer range were on display:

Finally, the CK Summer range with a twisty mascara wand to create any lash look you might want and to reach all the little lashes - magic! Also how pretty are these polishes and glosses?

Debenhams have a lot to offer this summer - I just want it to hurry up now!

Next up, another AW14 show. 

The most exciting new launches at this one were all from Ciate. They have a new Dollhouse collection and Shell Manicure! Both stunning…

Really love the orange!

Three colours of shell mani - pearly white, slate grey and bright pink with multi-colour flecks. I want it all!

What's your fave?


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

NEW Nails Inc Spring/Summer Collection

So I Instagrammed this Nails Inc collection a couple of weeks ago and it got so many likes I don't think I'm alone in lusting after it! In the end I just had to buy it.

There is something for everyone here. The first polish I went for is the bright aqua. Now, weirdly I'm not sure what this is called. The bottom of my bottle calls this William Mews, but when I've checked online it's supposed to be called William Street…I'm a little baffled.

Mews, Street, whatever it's name, this is a pretty little thing and great in the sunshine.

This could even be a one-coater but I'd rather do two thinner coats to make it last. Here it is in the sun:

A beautiful colour, I'm sure I'll be wearing this a lot over the summer. Check out the full collection here


Friday, 11 April 2014

Hot and Not

Enjoy! As always, let me know your thoughts… 


KIKO Life in Rio Collection - this makes me want summer to hurry up even more! Launching this week, I particularly like the look of the blusher/highlighter combo and those nail polishes…take me back to Rio!

NARS Summer Collection - the news this week has been all about summer make-up collections. Another pretty picture, another load of products I want immediately. This collection launches 1st May...

Ciate Shell Manicure - I saw this at a summer press show yesterday and think it looks incredible for summer - can't wait to try! An extension of their caviar, sequin, chalkboard, etc etc manicures, Ciate are always first for nail innovation. It will launch exclusively in Selfridges, I expect lots of other brands will copy


Underarm hair - if you feel the need to prove your 'feminism' or 'equality' by not shaving, then fine. Just don't put it in my face, like this photography exhibition did this week. I think us women can be strong and independent and *still* shave our armpits!!

Veet Advert - having said that, even with hairy armpits these women are still most definitely women. Not men, like the Veet 'Don't Risk Dudeness' ad suggested this week. The thing that gets me about this is so many people will have had to sign off on the advert, and nobody thought, 'hang on, these might be pushing things a bit far!'

CC Cream for Hair - I'm sure this product is wonderful. My issue is calling it a CC cream. It won't be 'complexion correcting' will it?! It's a multi-purpose complete care cream. Great, just don't call it a CC cream!


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Reverse Hair Washing - Give It a Go!

Reverse hair washing - the new craze in the beauty world to condition first, shampoo second. Weird eh? But I was intrigued so decided to give it a go and here is what I discovered…

Firstly, it feels incredibly strange to wash your hair backwards. After years of being in auto-pilot with the 'normal' sequence, every part of me was saying, Stop this madness!

Out of the shower, I thought perhaps my hair would be incredibly knotty and hard to comb through as conditioner wasn't the last step but I was pleasantly surprised, it was easy to get the comb through. 

The first thing I noticed as I was leaving my hair to dry naturally and excitedly waiting to see what the results would be, was that my hair felt thicker. My hair is quite fine so to achieve any kind of volume often requires putting my head upside down for a while! But with reverse hair washing, my hair seems to be thicker and have more volume instantly.

The experts say this will be the case, as when you condition last you won't rinse it all out, which will weigh down your hair and cause it to be flat. Reverse hair washing combats this, and you are left with thicker, voluminous hair. What's not to love?!

Just to check this wasn't a fluke one-off thing, I've been reverse washing my hair all week and the results have always been the same - great-looking thick hair which doesn't seem to get as greasy as before (probably as all the conditioner has been washed out!)

I would definitely recommend you try this out. The only negative is how weird it feels to put conditioner on dirty hair!


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Best Way to Get Rid of Hard Skin - Footner!

Amazing, amazing, amazing. End of review. Not really! But that is the gist of this review of Footner, the socks that give you the softest feet ever.

The best pedicure I've ever had is the Acid Pedicure at Neville Hair & Beauty salon in Knightsbridge where fruit acids melt away your hard skin so that when they come to file away at your feet, the skin goes flying (gross I know, but very satisfying!). This is the same thing, but for use at home and a whole lot cheaper.

Here are the little socks you pop on:

Not attractive but not unpleasant - just leave them to work their magic for an hour and then throw them away.

They say it takes 5-10 days for your skin to start shedding, though hot water will speed this up. I love my baths so I started to notice this after just 3 days. Walking home from work one evening, I could feel like my sock had come down in my boot, but no, it was just my skin coming away. It sounds disgusting but it was great. Probably best to do when the weather's isn't really warm as sandals and your skin peeling away would not be a good look.

Within a week the peeling had stopped and my feet were the smoothest they had been in a long time. One of the most effective products I've ever used. And my feet have remained soft, whereas usually after about a month my skin is back to needing regular filing.

I would 100% recommend this product, and do it now whilst your feet are still covered. £19.99 from Boots here


*PR sample

Monday, 7 April 2014

NOTW: Nails Inc Basil Street

I'm not usually one for nude nails but I wanted something low-maintenance this week that wouldn't show a little chip.

Nails Inc have a new 'Perfect Nude' collection but Basil Street has been available for quite a while, and could possibly be my perfect match for nude nail polish!

Incredibly subtle yet sophisticated, it is a grown-up polish, and I might possibly be swayed into loving nude nails by this polish.

Currently this is on sale at Beauty Bay

What's your favourite nude nail?


Friday, 4 April 2014

Hot and Not

No 'Not' this week, as I couldn't find any news this week that I hated and there's no point looking for bad things! All good this week...


Lush Kitchen - I've been getting teaser emails and seeing tweets about this for a while so finally Lush let us know what it was all about this week. Lush Kitchen will create small amounts of limited edition products, exclusively to buy online. Check out what goodies they have made so far here

Models Own Polish for Tans Collection - you know those bikinis that are in a particular colour just seem to make people look more tanned? Well Models Own have taken these and made them into a full nail polish collection. Gorgeous, plus they make me even more excited for summer to start. Get the fake tan on now! They launch in Superdrug on the 9th April, £5 each

Wild Touche Eclat - a handbag essential of mine, I've loved Touche Eclat for its instant brightening and anti-ageing properties for years! Now they have launched this limited edition version in a funky animal print design. Maybe only for the true hardcore Touche Eclat fans, but I love it! Get it here for £25 whilst stocks last

As always, let me know what you think!


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Top Three Beauty Fools

As it's April Fool's Day I thought I would share my Top Three 'Beauty Fools' for you today

Toner will strip away all the goodness from your skin - I used to think this from bad experiences I had of alcohol-based toners stinging my skin and leaving it dry and raw. Toners of today though are a lot gentler and bring your skin back to its correct pH so that all the serums, moisturisers, etc you pop on will work the best it can

I like: The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner £8 - get it here

Exfoliating will get rid of your tan - this all depends on when you exfoliate. If you have a good routine of once or twice a week, especially before you jet off on hols, then all the new skin cells will be at the top and will be the ones getting tanned. I then tend to gently exfoliate maybe once a week after that to keep skin healthy and looking radiant, without fading your tan

I like: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush £8 - get it here

Face wipes are good enough to cleanse your skin - unfortunately I've been thinking this 'beauty fool' for a long time til I started to avidly read skincare guru, Caroline Hirons, and realised the importance of cleansing. For me, face wipes were so quick and easy, especially when I was knackered in the evening and just wanted to go to bed. However, wipes aren't as thorough, effective or gentle enough for most of us. They don't remove most of the dirt and grime on your skin and can irritate sensitive skin. Best to steer clear and use proper cleansers

I like: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - a classic! £13.25 for 100ml here

What are your Beauty Fools?