Saturday, 29 March 2014

Vichy Dermablend Event

Thought I'd show you some pics from some recent events and launches I've been to. First up, the Vichy Dermablend event. The Vichy Dermablend range has been going a long time, and most people think of it as for scars, acne, any major skin problems. But it really just gives you great-looking skin and even skin tone which I'm all for!
Vichy are launching their new Dermablend Body - great for summer when you're showing more skin. Take a look at this tattoo before and after...

Pretty impressive huh? As well as the body product there was the rest of the range on show. The foundation compact:
The foundation sticks to target certain areas (for me, my broken capillaries on my cheeks)
And the setting powder for all skin tones
Plus pretty flowers, just because...
Gorgeous. Great event, good to show how amazing these products are (they ran a video where they used Dermablend to completely cover a man who had tattoos ALL over his body) as well as how they can be used by everyone everyday. Can't wait to try!


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  1. Wow that before and after pic of the tattoo is amazing!! I love the Vichy Dermablend foundation and really want to try the setting powder xx