Wednesday, 19 March 2014

NEW Burt's Bees Lip Colours!

Burt's Bees has always been one of my favourite lip balms. I've got their little pot in my handbag and their new(ish) Blueberry and Dark Chocolate balm by my bed (check out my review of that here)

So when I heard they were launching colour I was very intrigued. And they have gone the whole hog with this launch - not just one type of colour, FOUR varieties in endless colour options!

First up, their natural Lip Glosses. Available in 12 colours, they contain jojoba, sunflower and botanical oils. They also smell really nice with a subtle vanilla scent.

Love the honeycomb detail on the lid! As you would expect with a gloss, they give a subtle hint of colour and moisturise the lips - £8.99

Even prettier in the sun!

Next up, we have their natural Lip Shines. Think of them as very similar to Juicy Tubes. These are available in six shades and are super sheer. Great for the summer! 

If you like gloss, these are definitely for you - £6.99

Next we have their new natural Tinted Lip Balms with beeswax, shea butter and a hint of colour. These are available in nine different colours. 

My only negative comment on this one would be the unnecessary packaging to house the lip balm. 

Love this colour, it's called Pink Blossom. A subtle pink - why wouldn't you have a lip balm that also has colour, is 100% natural and deeply moisturises?! £5.99

Finally, the new Lip Shimmer shades. I have Cherry here, but there are 11 colours available to choose from.

Pretty similar to the tinted lip balm, it just has an added sparkle to the colour, plus this contains Peppermint Oil which gives a cooling tingle to your lips. £5.99

Overall, I'm loving this new range. It's a natural extension for Burt's Bees but still in keeping with their brand as every product is 100% natural. 

Take a look at the full extensive range here


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